Apple Update Impacts Game Streaming Services

Friday, Apple released new app store review guidelines that are meant to improve subscription services ability to provide game streaming.

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CyberSentinel75d ago

“The update to the guidelines will now allow streaming services like Google Stadia and the aforementioned xCloud the ability to offer its game streaming services through the App store. However, there is a catch or two. For one, those games that are part of the subscription service must be downloaded from the App store, not directly from the subscription services’ own app. Additionally, while these services will be allowed to display a catalog in their own app of the games, those must link back to the individual app to be downloaded from the app store, and will need to be stand-alone and retain some at least minimal functionality when downloaded. This, in essence, defeats some of the purpose behind streaming a game title.”

Will all steaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and Pandora have the same rules apply to them? Stop discriminating against game services. M$ pays for those game licenses and for the servers the gamers Stream off of, not you Apple. Your not entitled to the micro transactions.

porkChop74d ago

Yep. This is the problem. Apple treats games different than everything else. They claim everyone has to follow the same rules, but that's factually untrue.

1Victor73d ago

Did anyone actually read the rule in the article because it clearly say they have to offer the games as a stand alone as well. It’s beneficial for the service provider and the regular joe as if someone don’t want to pay for a service they have the option to buy the single game they want and move along.

bella85273d ago

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porkChop73d ago


It's a streaming service. Why the hell would games be listed separately if you need the streaming service in order to play them? Netflix doesn't have to list their original shows and movies separately on the App Store, so why should MS?

Name Last Name73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Very nice of Apple to create an impossible rule. Sure, let me go ahead and download Gears 5 from the app store.

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lodossrage73d ago


Even though you're right. Apple isn't doing anything different than any other major tech company including Microsoft.
When they don't like how something operates within their ecosystem, they alter the rules.

And it's hard to fight that because their terms of service normally says things like "service subject to change" or something along those lines.

Hakuoro73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

"Will all steaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and Pandora have the same rules apply to them"


All those other services don't sell MTX and already are listed on the app store.

"M$ pays for those game licenses and for the servers the gamers Stream off of, not you Apple."

But Apple pays for the device Microsoft wants to stream on including the upkeep servers to apply patches the staff that write the software and updates to make sure users are secure and the app store itself and many other things.

If Microsoft and Epic and don't want to follow the rules they are free to put them on their own phones. And these rules aren't any different from the rules regarding game sales on xbox live and probably the same as Epic Store.

ApocalypseShadow73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

And this is basically the right answer.

It's Apple's hardware and Apple's platform. If these other corporations don't like Apple's rules, they are free to go somewhere else or make their own hardware and platform. It's that simple.

Trillion dollar companies like Microsoft and Google and billion dollar companies like Epic are trying to tell Apple what their policies should be. And that's totally ridiculous. It's NOT THEIR PRODUCT. They can manipulate consumers and claim that Apple's products are general use which allows them to do whatever they want. But that, again, is ridiculous.

Notice how Sony stayed out of it, created an app that allows you access to PlayStation games that are on your system. No streaming required. Only your game system is required. PS Now isn't on Apple's devices. Only Remote Play.

I can understand the idea of just pressing start and playing a game immediately from the cloud. But these companies can't dictate terms and circumvent Apple's rules. If Apple were to circumvent their policies, we know they would be up in arms trying to sue Apple to fall back in line.

Some gamers think they are entitled to have Stadia or Xcloud or whatever just because these mega corporations say they deserve all the profits on someone else's products. Here's the thing: THEY ARE NOT.

If it was your product and your rules, and someone decided your rules stink and made their own rules on your product, common sense would be that you want a cut of the profits or tell them to go TF away.

Influencers, manipulators, liers, shillers, etc can't change what is the truth: It's Apple's product and Apple's platform with Apple's policies. Simple as that.

CyberSentinel73d ago (Edited 73d ago )


One of the points I was making, that you seem to overlook, according to Apple’s new TOS a streaming service would also have to make available each and every game separately on Apples platform...does that mean Netflix will make sure every movie they put on their service is also on Apple’s store and available for individual purchase...INCLUDING the original and exclusive content NETFLIX produces themselves? Unlikely, and therefore that is selective enforcement.

343_Guilty_Spark73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Apple will argue Netflix and the other services don't allow microtransactions.

It's an ass argument but that's what they'll say.

Maybe Microsoft could disable MTX for all games?

GlutenMifflin73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Well said. This is crazy how they want everything on a streaming service to be put into the App Store. Ridiculous.

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franwex73d ago

No different than console games.

Apple has a bunch of consoles out in the form of phones, tablets, and desktops.

DFresh73d ago

Apple and Gaming don’t mix like oil and water.

TheColbertinator73d ago

Apple is sticking to their guns despite whatever happens with Epic.

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