The Medium Concept Was in the Works in Bloober Team’s Early Years

Bloober Team Founder Piotr Babieno shares an interesting fact about this interesting feature in The Medium that is implemnted in almost all its gameplay.

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Deathdeliverer996d ago

So.... and I don’t mean to be a penis... but when someone says a game is exclusive to series X because of the power of the system can we automatically file it under BS for this entire upcoming generation? The Series S will hold back the series X the entire generation UNLESS Microsoft draws a line in the sand and says game Y will ONLY work on Series X, not Series S. A system with only 4 TFLOPS will be night and day. I understand Flops aren’t a reliable dictator of power at all, but my god. It’s a PS4 pro, but with updated innards to play next gen games. Yeah it’s going to be missing a lot of effects, but on top of that developers have to keep it in mind when making multiplatform games. They MUST run on there. Even Microsoft’s first parties will be handicapped because games MUST run on there. Medium, running those two screens at the same time would have made me believe your line about being “only possible on next gen”. After the reveal of the series S, naw. This game could have come out on Xbox one and PS4. Just dial back the special effects and FPS.

tontontam0996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Devs reactions to Xbox Series X: OOOOH Yeah Imagine the possibilities!!!, Imagine if we make a 1440p out of this monster and put all the power in other aspects, we might be able to surpass CGI movie quality.

Devs reactions to Series S: Oh fuck people are going to bash us if we don't make their game run at 1440p on this system. Oh well we have no choice let's just favor resolution over the other more awesome graphics effects. It's probably going to affect the xbox series x version too

Deathdeliverer996d ago

Of course it is. Any exclusive to Xbox Series systems & multiplatform games that target next gen systems will be effected because of the little.... far less talented.... brother. Nicest way I could put it. Why? Because the games MUST run on there. Every generation there are those games that wouldn’t be possible on the previous generation. Well now all multiplats and series X exclusives proved that’s bullshit thanks to series S. Otherwise the PS4 Pro (4 TF) and One X (6 TF... that’s right, stronger than the next gen series S.... damn you Microsoft...) say hi.

Koolaidude996d ago

Why does it matter? Play your PS5

Deathdeliverer996d ago

Please chill with the sidestep and really look at the big picture. The series S effects EVERYONE because it affects multiplatform games. It’s the next generation. Really sit back, out down the shield and think of it. You really should be upset. Does it mean Microsoft sucks? No. Will I have a Series X day one? That’s what my wife is aiming for. Will I have a PS5 day one? Yes again. It’s ok for something/someone you like to have a thing you’re not fond of. Doesn’t make you a traitor or something stupid. This really should be in more conversations.

DEEHULK88996d ago

RDNA tflops aren't the same as GCN Tflops from last gen. Also, you can't say that it's a Pro when it has the same AMD ZEN 2 cpu that the XBOX SERIES X AND PS5 has.

Deathdeliverer996d ago

@ Dee
It has a more efficient chipset because it’s newer tech. I’m not saying apples to apples, but the PS4 Pro is a little over 4tf. It’s a pro with a updated, more efficient chipset so it can better use its 4Tf. Does that really make it better? Does that really make you think it will be able to not hold back a 12 tf system? Seriously?

DarkBlaze25996d ago

@Death I think I get your point but if we're talking multiplats being affected then look no further than pc for that. They have to cater to minimum specs for a reason and not to mention hdd instead of ssd.

Deathdeliverer996d ago

While that’s definitely true, not all multiplats go to PC. Not only that, a games minimum requirements are its minimum requirements. PC will definitely hold most games that will also be on there back to some degree because of the potentially missing SSD alone.

Zhipp996d ago

Plus we haven't seen much info on how AMDs next gen gpus perform, so it's hard to pin down exactly what to expect from any of these consoles when it comes to things like raytracing.

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Atom666996d ago

Isn't the "only possible on next gen" feature being pushed by the medium reliant on the SSD? Don't see the issue there.

Did you see the TF count on the next gen graphics cards? It would seem that the X and PS5 will be holding them back too, I guess.

The S wasn't engineered in some vacuum. They sought out a simple proposition: what kind of specs are needed to run next gen games at 1080/1440. This is where it landed.

It'll be on MS to make sure their API is in good position to aid in optimization, but other than that, all of this "concern" is pretty funny. First the One was going to hold back next gen b/c of the HDD and CPU. Now the S is going to hold back next gen b/c of the GPU, and we forget about the CPU and SSD being substantially upgraded.

Round and round it goes. For a 3rd place irrelevant system with no games, Xbox is apparently the center of the entire future of game development.

Deathdeliverer996d ago

@ atom
You literally just said my exact point. What is the MINIMUM to run a “next gen” game is the point of the S. Now all the multiplats and even Microsoft can’t go hog wild with what they have and really show what the 12tf system can do because they have to make sure the “Minimum” point of entry works. Before the S was announced I was like man I can’t wait till devs learn to harness as much as possible out the 12 tf! After the S announcement I’m like dang. Not even exclusives will be able to truly max out the possibilities because it must work on a 4 tf system too. Yes the SDD and other aspects make it a more efficient 4 Tf. The problem is it’s STILL JUST 4 TF. Just able to get more out of it. It still won’t hold a candle to 10 or so Series X should get under a actual load. In fact, it’s what PC devs always said, they have to make the games so they can run on the most budget setup as the game allows. This didn’t effect consoles so much because they were usually relatively equal. NOW it’s brought to the console space. For the first time. These aren’t switch versions coming out months later, this is the “we have to take into account the lowest possible version.” Aaaanyway, guaranteed this will come up again and again. Maybe once others say it, suddenly it will click for some of you. How something as simple as “Imagine the Series X not having to consider anything but how to use every ounce on an amazing exclusive experience with all its power at the ready. Now that is reduced to the best version of whatever will work on 4tf with 6 tf being used for frame rates, effects, and resolution.

Atom666996d ago

But you skip part of that proposition: what is required to run NEXT GEN GAMES at lower resolution?

As in...same games that will push the X and PS5, but at lower visuals.

Every Xbox 1st Party game will come to PC, right? Well some of those PCs those games will run on will be lower spec'd then the S. Vast majority of multiplats too. So what's holding those games back exactly?

A $500 gaming console isn't some magical device that sets the benchmark for the entire industry. It is a streamlined computer. Before these top end machines even launch, the PC gaming market will already be more capable. So where is the concern there?

This isn't some rogue MS engineer building the S however they want. They know as well as others what is going to be required to run games in the next 5-7 years. This is why you could go build a new PC with the 3070, and be fine for the next several years running all the new games at 1440. Or you could grab a 3080 and shoot for 4k.

Get upset that the Switch is so successful or that mobile gaming dominates the market if you are worried about devs catering to the lowest common denominator. An Xbox that cuts down the GPU and memory because it's not pushing 4k isn't the problem.

Zhipp996d ago

What you're saying would be true if the gpu was the only thing that matters. The cpu, ram, and SSD are all important as well. I'm assuming you don't game on PC, but If you did you'd know there's a massive performance cost across the board for gaming at 4k vs 1080p, which pretty much covers the 8tflop gpu difference.

Now if someone said the game couldn't run on ps5, that would be BS, but I'm not really seeing how the Series S, will hold back games any more than midrange PCs would. Unless, of course, 1440p becomes a standard rendering resolution on series x/ps5 titles, but only time will tell as to that.

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DEEHULK88996d ago

It's funny to see non developers acting like they know what they are talking about

Deathdeliverer996d ago

You don’t need to be a developer to know that a 4tf system that has to play the next gen games would stop a 12 tf system from going all out. 3x the power... Yeah I think basic math would work on this one. And a bit of logic too. Nothing fancy. I can’t believe people act up because I want the series X to be able to go all out. Ridiculous.

DEEHULK88996d ago

The designers know what they are doing.

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