Sony has a mystery event planned for PAX Online next week

Could this be it! Sony has a currently unnamed event planned for September 18th during PAX Online. It's one of the only upcoming PAX events that doesn't have a title, it's simply called 'Sony Holder' at the time of writing.

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morganfell41d ago

I am not sure Sony wants any distractions when they make official announcements such as launch date and price. It would seem more likely they want a presentation where everything is centered around the PS5 and next gen. I could see them showing a teaser for the actual event, but it seems doubtful "this is it." Of course it very well could be but Sony knows their market penetration and ability to trend doesn't require tagging onto another show.

xxShadow-Shockxx41d ago

That's a fair point, I just want any news at all even if it is an announcement of an actual event

morganfell41d ago

Oh I absolutely agree. I have said here countless times, I am a PlayStation fanboy. I have never tried to hide that fact so any scrap of information is for me, worth having.

monkey60241d ago

"Oh I absolutely agree. I have said here countless times"

What?! You told me I was caterwauling only 2 days ago when I said the same thing shadow just said

morganfell41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


Link? Let’s see if it really was the same thing. Context matters.

There is a chasm that lies between someone criticizing Sony for not announcing when they think they should announce versus Sony fans anticipating when Sony will announce. Far cry, a very far cry

ABizzel141d ago


I will not believe this, I shall not believe this, you speak in lies.

Maybe if I say this enough times, what you posted won't come true and instead, we'll have a full reveal and we can all finally know the price and we can all know the price and when we can pre-order our consoles 😂😂😂

morganfell41d ago

Ha ha :) So waiting to get my orders in.

But I also want to see what Sony is going to do when they actually announce. Remember they said we would be told in advance of the live date. I believe the email preorders direct from Sony will go live first so that whoever doesn’t get in on that will still be able to jump on the general preorder date.

I can’t see Sony just putting out a commercial with a date and price. Something says we’ll see next gen bombastic game play, and perhaps...holds breath...a hitherto unheard announcement.

ABizzel140d ago

Well we got something even better. PS5 full reveal is on the 16th, 2 days before PAX event :)

darthv7241d ago

Do you think Sony would wait until TGS to announce everything? That is the 24th of this month... 2 days after XS preorders open up.

crazyCoconuts41d ago

It's possible but given the pre-order date you're pointing out, I think they'd want to do it before then in case they can sway a few xboxers over.
I really don't think they need to align to an event - could be a pre-recorded presentation that they hype up and release whenever i think

RosweeSon41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Nah day before pre orders 🤔😜✌🏻

monkey60241d ago

I fully expect Sony to spill the beans before the 22nd.

crazyCoconuts41d ago

I expect them to announce price and dates at the end of some kind of presentation, E3 style. I think that's important because it's like closing the sale. Get people excited, show a surprise game, and a surprise feature or two, then close the sale with the $ amount. It's gotta be really soon, so my money is on this presentation being it...

morganfell41d ago

This echoes what I said after the first show. Date and price along with an unannounced game reveal. It drives the necessity home...after showing plenty of other next gen focused gameplay.

RosweeSon41d ago

Yeah probably bang it out a couple days before let it filter then boom here’s an upcoming exclusive next gen game 😳🤭😂

crazyCoconuts41d ago

That's like planning the wine and romantic music for AFTER you make a pass at a girl. Reverse the order :-)

UnholyLight41d ago

Well said, they won't need to use a show as their launching pad for the pricing and preorder date info. They can do exactly what Microsoft was forced to do. Not only this, but Sony has cultivated and nurtured a massive following with the PS4 and since Microsoft has now gone first, all eyes are on the Sony camp. The moment they post anything that thing is going to trend and reach a wide audience.

Everyone is waiting, everyone is watching. They'll be just fine whenever they choose to make their move.

Muzikguy41d ago

It would be nice if it were "it" but you may be right. It could.just be another announcement. Any information required for about now would be great. I really can't believe this this time around. At least MS came out with everything so now we just wait on Sony

morganfell41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Sony can afford to wait. The Xbox announcement, which I believe was an intentional leak, ramped up and now is fading fast as all eyes turn toward Sony. In fact the longer Sony waits the worse it becomes for MS as less than stellar tidbits about the competition begin to surface.

GaboonViper41d ago

Can't wait to get this pre-ordered, hoping for Demon Souls to be a launch title, would be heaven.

potatoseal41d ago

I'm actually looking to pre-order 3 PS5's. I don't like my chances lol. Going to try many different places, when pre-orders are available.

morganfell41d ago

I need at least 2. One for my bonus room with my big screen and one for my gaming room where I do recording and focused MP.

TheColbertinator41d ago


You're a PlayStation fanboy? Certainly fooled me.

morganfell40d ago

At least I am honest about my allegiances. I cannot say the same about so many others.

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Ausbo41d ago

I’d bet on Sony just tweeting out the information and accompanying it with some videos perhaps. Similar to Microsoft.

Closer to launch I’d bet we get a proper state of play for more game news

crazyCoconuts41d ago

I really don't think that's Sony's MO. They aren't treating their console like a sale on beef. There will be a production, new things to show, and will close with price. No guarantees we'll like the price, but i think that's the template we can expect

remixx11641d ago

I love the sale on beef analogy, shit made me laugh

Ausbo41d ago

It also wasn’t Sony’s MO to hear the first news about PlayStation in multiple wired articles, but here we are.

morganfell41d ago

I agree with crazyC. Sony is firing on all cylinders and it’s going to be a bombastic announcement.

fonger0841d ago

At this point, if they aren’t announcing a surprise launch of HZD2, I could care less about Sony wants to talk about if it doesn’t revolve pricing, release date, and/or preorder info.

toyzombie41d ago

Lol another rumor. No longer falling for any rumors.

monkey60241d ago

While I absolutely agree with you. I cant help but quietly hope they're true time and again though

SullysCigar41d ago

"That's right folks, we've pulled together this evening's event to bring you what you've all been waiting for - the prrrrrrrrospect of getting a week....maybe!"

Joking aside, I hope it's the price so people can relax. I've got my money ready, so I'd love to see a little more of games like Demons Souls and Spidey:MM.

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