Something Battlefield 6 (or Battlefield 3 Remaster) Related Is Happening With Cryptic Teases

It seems the ARG marketing for Battlefield 6 or a Battlefield 3 Remaster has starrted based on cryptic teases by DICE.

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LordoftheCritics38d ago

Nothing like BF3 these days. One of a kind.

boing137d ago

I would still prefer new BF with modern setting. BF3 was great but I think it's too soon for a remaster.

Nitrowolf237d ago

idk about too soon, but I'd prefer a new game also

Ash01Live37d ago

I'd take a bf3 remaster to hold me over for a year till bf6 arrives

gamesftw25037d ago

BF 2142 is where it was at.

jjb198137d ago

Yes, great memories in metro. I would play that map for hours. The best Battlefield game IMO. I really hope they just stay in modern times.

thorstein37d ago

I still want BFBC! Even if it's a remaster.

Sophisticated_Chap37d ago

BF3 is still alive and well on PC, and it looks phenomenal on Ultra settings.

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Fishy Fingers37d ago

"weird bit at the end where it focus on a compass and you can hear a tick tock sound"

Jesus... Its pocket watch, thats why its making a ticking sound....

Adexus37d ago

Would definitely prefer BF6 to be modern and then they can just remake maps from BF3, unless they're just remastering the campaign? Which while enjoyable I think would be a bit strange to do.

excaliburps37d ago

No one would care for the campaign though. If it was a BF3 remaster/remake, that would be awesome but I doubt that’s going to happen since EA isn’t a fan of remakes.

Inverno37d ago

Why would they remaster BF3? The single player isn't anything special, and BF4 improved the on the multiplayer and has more content. Its a no brainer to go back to BF4 over the third

JEECE37d ago

I think a lot of people preferred the maps in 3. Also, although this wouldn't have any impact on a remaster (although there could certainly be other technical issues), BF4 was kind of a trainwreck at first in multiplayer with server issues, etc, and I think that permanently soured some people on it.

Inverno37d ago

Personally didnt like the restrictive design of BF3 maps, but I did come off playing BF43. Maybe they should make another arcadey BF game similar to 43 next time and take their time with BF6

Sophisticated_Chap37d ago

The only problem with BF3 single player, is that it was too short. Other than that, it was quite good at giving the feel of tense and real warfare situations.

Inverno37d ago

Sure if you enjoyed being in the team that would constantly be cornered due to restricted map designs, bad spawns, and questionable vehicle placements in rush and squad DM.
The single player took itself way too serious, and was way too linear which I found odd cause of their approach to multiplayer. Im not trying to bash it, I just think most are remembering this game being flawless. The multiplayer was also broken at launch, and every dlc was quickly abandoned by the community after release. I.had a few favorites maps that I could never play on because everyone was in Metro, and damn that map sucked.

Lilrizky37d ago

Personally I thought BF3/4 had some of the worst campaigns I've ever played.

Especially 4 it barely had open or vehicle based missions which are core pillars of BF

Da12RespectA37d ago

I just want to snatch some tags. Let's go!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.