Immortals: Fenyx Rising Has “Factors” Making It Different from Breath of the Wild Inspiration

Associate Game Director Julien Galloudec told VGC in an exclusive interview the features of Immortals: Fenyx Rising that makes it different to one of its inspirations, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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NecrumOddBoy1108d ago

Like a story and HD graphics 😏

cemelc1108d ago

Zelda has both of those and still one the best games in current gen, unlike this one that looks like it, but has none of the heart zelda has...

phoenixwing1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

heart = none of the nostolgia glasses that zelda has. If immortals doesn't have a weapon breaking system I'd call it a better game from the onset.

cemelc1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

What nostalgia? Botw has a really good lore, look in youtube the 13 memories, then look at the environment it tells you everything else at what happened there... If you dont like zelda botw style of story telling then you definitely dont like dark souls style cos its the same

Its the first open world AAA game i played that lets you go to the final boss from minute one. You can do the beast in any order you want or dont do them at all, your choice. Its the first open world game that does exactly what an open world is supposed to do, lets you play as you want. Gameplay is solid. The only reason most of you ppl dont like it's cos its on the switch that game deserves the praise, even if you don't like it.

borntodie0071108d ago

I was so excited for Zelda but when i played it. it was very boring. the world just felt too empty. especially playing it right after Witcher 3. I want to give it another try later tho

RgR1107d ago

Its the worst zelda in history of zelda games. No dungeons. Lots of emptiness.

This is of course replaced with silly stupid puzzles and open world collectibles.

Silly weapon breaking mechanic. Nothing nearly as epic as having your master sword and hyrule shield break.

phoenixwing1107d ago

@cemelc i own a switch lite. It's not because it's on the switch it's because it's not that good of a zelda game tbh

smashman981107d ago

Cemelc. I tolerate Dark Souls storytelling style because of how fantastic the gameplay is combined with the fantastic variety of bosses and music. Also, the weapons take much more than 20-30 hits to break and are repairable. I will agree the lore is great in both of these games but botw was lacking in much more than just story.

cemelc1107d ago

Look im not going to prolong this comment section. This new zelda has:

Critically great reviews.
On metacritic has great user reviews.
And is the best selling game in the franchise.
Theres like a billion videos of youtube of people commenting on the lore, so they must have done something right.

I understand that you dont like it and i respect it, but factually you are on the minority on this one.
By what standard are we measuring then?

notachance1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

meh, copypasted 4 beasts it's just meeting successor -> geeting their help to enter -> puzzle time -> ganon fight by the time I'm on the 3rd beast I fell asleep
stupid weapon breaking
minimal enemy variety
mind numbing side fetch quest, the only side quest I remember that's not fetch quest with text is the one where you tail some dude in the middle of the night

don't get me wrong, the sandbox part of the game is amazing, and the enemy AI were some of the most impressive I've seen but everything else is yawn inducing

and it's not like I hate zelda or anything, I've played every main zelda game and their remaster/remakes and most of them are good, it's just this one's open-world stuff is so mediocre compared to the likes of witcher 3 or fallout: nv

DethWish1107d ago


"Its the first open world AAA game i played that lets you go to the final boss from minute on"

Have you seen Morrowind speedruns? 😀

Rachel_Alucard1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

All I see is constant pointing to the industry approved awards and opinion reinforcement statistics. There's too many design issues that other studios get flak for but Nintendo gets off scot free and awarded for. I've never felt so bored in any other game since I was given every tool I needed right there at the beginning. As I played more and more I was getting more disappointed in the scoring it was given, seeing all the copy pasted physics puzzles and 50 combat arenas with the same enemy threw me further into disappointment. I don't see heart or soul, I see someone trying to ape the modern open world formula, but doing it in the worst way possible. Exploring is what the game is sold on, but I don't see that as content if there is nothing to incentivize the exploring. It's the same rehashed content over and over. It doesn't matter if you're in the minority or not in that opinion, because at least your capable of forming your own opinion instead of relying on group think to form your opinions.

cemelc1107d ago

So, i should listen to the 5 guys here that didnt like it, didnt play the game or have an agenda against Nintendo?

What makes you think that your opinion is good compared to the thousands users that put their time to write a review saying is good.

Look at the disagrees i get, but the point still stand, by what measuring method could be evaluate a game?

Im only listening from you is: since my opinion is the only thing that matters that game is awfull, yet by no means youre backed with data of any type

Most of you are on one side of the fence you can see it just by looking at your comments... The game could be perfect and you still would say is awfull

Rachel_Alucard1106d ago

My opinon > anyone elses opinion. Even if the ratings are good if I don't like it, it's shit.

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gleepot1108d ago

what an edgy and witty comment!

1107d ago
DefaultComment1108d ago

Of course! It's not a. Copy and paste of Zelda, for instance the inventory, the gear design, the combat, the skill tree and all of that was taken from AC odyssey.
I'm glad Ubisoft is taking this approach and I'm waiti g for this game.

Kaii1108d ago

The game looks enjoyable, name pretty questionable.

GameZenith1107d ago

Would people stop it with the name? For christ sake it is getting annoying. Since when do I make a videogame purchasing decision based on a name instead of story, graphics and gameplay?

Kaii1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

That's It though, I don't think this generation I've had issues with any name.
Not even complaining about the gameplay, just the name is "iffy" to me, sorry to those offended.

Abnor_Mal1107d ago

I don't know man, for some reason I believe em B.

lonewolf101107d ago

Liking the look of this. I think it will be different enough from BoTW.

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XiNatsuDragnel2d ago

They should tbh save resources and money imo.

anal_vegan_moans4h ago

idk, seems to have an ok player base as it cracks the steam top 100 player count once in a while

XiNatsuDragnel46m ago

Yeah but overall it isn't worth it tho

-Foxtrot2d ago

Probably will have to agree with Phil on this one, it should have been cancelled. They could have done a single player Fallout spin off game instead.