Immortals: Fenyx Rising Dev Comments on Breath of the Wild Comparisons

GamesRadar: "Immortals' game director talks inspirations for the game formerly known as Gods and Monsters."

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NecrumOddBoy1373d ago

This looks like a good game. With good graphics, and with an actual story. BOTW really wasn’t the be all of Zeldas and overall it was a mediocre game.

Zarock1373d ago

True. Botw was a generic looking game. Who uses scrolling text for dialog and charges 60$ for it? Apparently only Nintendo does that.

Sonic-and-Crash1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Imo Fenyx needs to remove the surplus of glowing stuff ....looks bit generic and artless with so many glowing things .....Gods and Monsters (its beta itteration) had bizzardly a bit better, more pleasurable feeling without all these lights

anonymousfan1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

I agree I find the protagonist looks especially bland...

Teflon021373d ago

The protag is created by you, they look how ever you make them

1373d ago
deafdani1372d ago

You're hilarious. You're aware that BOTW inspired this game, right?

No, of course you aren't.

DefaultComment1372d ago

God have mercy on your soul, such ignorance, such stupidity and such lack of taste in gaming it's disgusting!
I would recommend you to instruct yourself but even that seems like a big challenge for somebody with the lack of intelligence such as yourself. Pity is the only thing you inspite.
I'll try to use one sentence and see if you can learn something, ready?
Zelda BOTW is one of the best video games of all time! Get that through your thick skull and hopefully you'll learn something.

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Hidetaka Miyazaki 'knows for a fact' other FromSoftware devs want a Bloodborne PC port

Keep that hope alive, PC gamers.

Huey_My_D_Long11h ago

Honestly a bloodborned PS5 Remaster and PC Port would have gone really well especially for this dry spell we seem to be in.

got_dam6h ago

I think he is saying only bloodborne can make him wet.

Skuletor30m ago

They're probably referring to first party games.

VincentVanBro5h ago

Bud were you here for 2023? We’re drowning mate, no dry spell in sight.

-Foxtrot6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

It’ll happen at the PS6 launch in my opinion

We might get a PS6 Remake for launch like they did with Demons Souls for the PS5. The PC port may follow who knows.

Inverno5h ago

I just wanna be walking around with my Deck playing Bloodborne like a absolute nerd on full blast so people can hear the shrieks.

VersusDMC4h ago

"But there are millions of PC gamers out there still holding onto hope"

Game gets announced...and the complaints pile in to justify piracy. It's old so it should be 20 dollars, psn requirement means no buy but i will pirate, it's just a port they didn't even remake it and it doesn't have every graphics option ever so I'm getting the torrent.

Skuletor23m ago

Even so, that shouldn't have prevented Sony from releasing a FPS/resolution patch or upgraded PS5 release by now.

Elda4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

But instead Sony gives PS5/PC owners an option to buy a PS5/PC Until Dawn remaster/rework this year, something I highly doubt PS fans asked for. A Bloodborne PS5/PC remaster is highly anticipated among fans.

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Yooka-Replaylee | Dev Q&A Interview!

Playtonic writes: "I sat down with Gavin & Mark, veteran folks here at Playtonic to discuss Yooka-Replaylee in a bit more detail. After some technical difficulties with our first attempt, we took the chance to get a bit more... unhinged... with this one."


Hidetaka Miyazaki 'knows for a fact' other FromSoftware devs want a Bloodborne PC port

Keep that hope alive, PC gamers.

peppeaccardo4h ago

PC gamers should buy a Playstation to play this game ! :P