Ubisoft is pushing it with four open-world games in under four months

Ubisoft has a ton of open-world games coming up... and all in such a short amount of time. It's all too much and the publisher would probably be wise give its suite more breathing room.

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FallenAngel19841108d ago

If only Rayman or Splinter Cell were there to offset this monotonous game design

lociefer1108d ago

be careful what you wish for, next thing you know they will turn splinter cell into an open world game where you can join your buddies bam knicker and pant sniffer to go on a shared espionage journey

porkChop1108d ago

Splinter Cell could actually work well in an open world setting, but without the typical Ubi formula of towers and excess amounts of filler.

Ausbo1108d ago

I don’t see why they can’t do a traditional single player splinter cell and then use the siege method for multiplayer.

Keep the GAAS model to their multiplayer portion and give us a proper campaign

KyRo1108d ago

Ghost Recon. A game that played nothing like the last two and forced a unneeded open world into the mix. They will 100 percent try it with PoP and SC. Open world games are all the time at this point. I can't wait for people to realise this.

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Outlawzz1108d ago

I'm excited for the immortals game despite the hate ppl are giving. Im playing ac:origins and it's actually a pretty decent game so if valhalla is like that then I'll probably give that one a playthrough as well. The other ones don't interest me much honestly.

I find that I get fatigued with open world games now so wt I do is just play through the mainline quests. Don't do much side content anymore it's just too much of a chore. Unless it's handled like Witcher 3 of course.

Wrex3691108d ago

Yeah Immortals and Legion are the only ones grabbing me. Legion moreso but I get where you're coming from.

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micdagoat191108d ago

want a new Rayman or Splinter Cell

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Embracer open to divesting studios, confirms more closures are likely

"On the divestment side there is a strong vibrant market with many, many active players."

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ApocalypseShadow2d ago

Sounds like you purchased them more like they were limited edition coins or stamps to profit from with a sale than really doing anything with the acquisitions.

Now, it's looking for buyers and shoving the rest out into the unemployment line.

Barlos7h ago

Sure Tencent will be waiting in the wings to snap up a few bargains.

StarkR3ality3h ago

Genuinely don't think there's been a bigger fuck up of a company I can think of in gaming. Buy all these IP and studios and then close them all down, wtf.


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