505 Games expose themselves after accidentally giving Control owners Ultimate Edition

Publishers of Control, 505 Games, claimed that it was impossible to upgrade non-Ultimate Editions of the game to next-gen but then exposed themselves after accidentally upgrading other editions.

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UltraNova45d ago

Pure incompetence too.

I don't know if this whole thing was Remedy's idea or their Publisher's but man what a way to lose your hard-earned fan appreciation.

philm8742d ago

Lol think 41 downvotes is a record for me, not sure why I deserved them.

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Christopher45d ago

Maybe this is them working to tie other versions to the Ultimate Edition as a means of attempting to fix it? Kind of the same way on PSN when you buy a bundle or different version of the game, it recognizes that you already own the base as well (it doesn't always work, but it does for a lot of games)?

TGGJustin45d ago

If that was the case then why did they revert it? Last night It said I owned the Ultimate Edition and now it wants me to buy it. They got caught and reversed it.

SullysCigar45d ago

Well if this wasn't the reason, they may well need to pretend it was to salvage their reputation at this stage. Here's hoping they take your indirect advice!

morganfell45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

The issue is that what they said could not be down was already being easily handled by other companies. Worse case scenario is you treat it the same way MS treats B/C 360 games. It recognizes the disc and you download an entirely complete game from Xbox Live. It doesn't run off the disc at all outside of disc checking. Something similar was done, albeit a different game, on PSN for owners of COD IW and the COD4 remake. For the digital version, well that is a no brainer. There simply is no acceptable reason why it could not be handled even if it meant downloading the complete game. It could be done. There is no other deduction that one can make if they are honest outside of the fact their decision is driven by financials.

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The story is too old to be commented.