Microsoft's XBLM Black Friday Sale Pisses Off Non-US Players

Today Microsoft announced that they, too, are getting in on the Black Friday sales by cutting the prices of multiple Xbox LIVE Marketplace items. After posting the full list on his blog, however, Xbox's Major Nelson was faced with another issue entirely: angry gamers not in the US.

It seems that, once again, Microsoft's latest sale will be available only to customers in the US, leaving the rest of the world out in the cold. Shortly after posting the news, Major commented on his own post saying, "I gave the feedback about having this available for other regions, but due to a lot of issues it was not possible," but it was to no avail; the assured onslaught of upset gamers began to build.

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GameCyteSean4248d ago

Google "Steam Rest of World."

edhe4248d ago

You just can't have localisation like this in a global economy like the 'net.

It's not like you can keep it a secret either - mean why should a digital copy cost someone in one part of the world any different to someone in another - there's no shipping involved.

This isn't an MS thing, it's a beaurocracy(sp) thing with publishers and licencing. Once they realise that the 'net's the way forward and globalised commercial law's the way to be this crap should be fixed.

But i won't hold my breath, it's far too institutionalised.

NB - ISE!!!

Oner4248d ago

I don't think it should be that big of a deal as Black Friday is an American "thing"...what I do think should be more of an issue is this particular statement highlighted in ****'s below

Major Nelson:

If you live in the US, you know that the day after Thanksgiving is (for better or worse) called Black Friday. Along with many of your favorite stores, the Xbox LIVE Marketplace is also having a Black Friday sales event…and we’re actually stretching it through the weekend. Starting this Friday ****GOLD MEMBERS**** located in the US can save on select Marketplace Offers.


Real nice way to take care of your Silver customers....

jkoz4248d ago

I don't understand why silver customers should be pissed. They're not paying monthly for Live. Microsoft is finally giving some sort of benefits to those that pay, besides playing online. I don't think that it's their job to take care of customers that aren't paying for a Black Friday sale; it's a perk of the pay-to-play membership, and a really minimal one at that.

And also, the deals aren't that great, both in value and in quality of selection, imo. The only thing worth having on that list is Rez and I bought that the day it was released on the Arcade.

And as mentioned, Black Friday is a US thing, so I don't know why the world is losing sleep over saving a hundred Microsoft points on a Sonic Unleased theme or w/e.

Software_Lover4248d ago

with the exception of Canada. Please tell me if I am wrong because I have been wrong before. But Black Friday is like a holiday over here in the states. Has been for decades. You have thanksgiving, then black friday, then christmas.

ahnonamis4248d ago

Well, Black Friday isn't technically a real holiday anyway. It's a consumer holiday where stores have big sales. (Not even their biggest of the year.)

The sale only caused some of the frustrations to boil over, though. Black Friday is a pseudo holiday in the US, yet US customers get stuff on sale; meanwhile actual holidays in Canada and England haven't ever been given actual sales like the US ones have iirc. We'll have to see if Microsoft offers a Boxing Day sale to try and appease irate Canadians this year.

The real issue is Microsoft's insistence on becoming a global digital distributor, yet often limiting what they do in and for non-US regions. Basically, they need to put their money where their mouth is and start working harder to get more global-oriented events and same-date releases, and less emphasis on the US.

Software_Lover4248d ago

I know that Black Friday isn't an actual holiday. Im not that dumb. But it is treated like one. Cant deny that.

And people are gonna get pissed regardless. Does anyone not remember the great bundles that Europe got for their 360's? Halo 3 and Gears for cheaper than you can get an actual 360 here in the states. Or the quicker price drops in Europe.

According to many forums, the rest of the world is Sony territory anyway, as they are quick to remind people about the sales every month, LOL. But I do agree that a sale for one should be a sale for all. I wonder if Sony is doing anything on that day. I haven't turned on either of my consoles lately to check anything.

Is there anything worth getting lately on PSN/xbox live arcade

Bnet3434248d ago

Black Friday is a US only thing, why would it piss other people off? Even then, the things on discount aren't worth buying except for maybe Rez HD.

heroicjanitor4248d ago

You already know that they will have a sale... Who doesn't

Gothdom4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

they already have a "fall sale" on PSN since tuesday.

On a unrelated note, this is what Black Friday is to me:

darthv724248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Considering that thanksgiving is a US holiday. The day after is said to be the opening to the holiday shopping season in america. Seems only right that this applies to america as it succeeds an american holiday.

Every other country in the world can have their own form of black friday if they want. It doesnt even have to be a friday. It could be a sunday (bloody sunday).

Parapraxis4248d ago

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving as well (just earlier), and many other cultures have similar holidays.
Luckily the PSN sales apply to all of North America.

4248d ago
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