Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising Reveals First Gameplay Trailer, Details and Release Date

Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising has debuted the first gameplay trailer and details for the game and confirmed the PS5 and PS4 release date.

GaboonViper1108d ago

Loving the look of this, Greek mythology is my favourite, look forward to taking Medusas head off.

LordoftheCritics1108d ago

This confused me. Ubi making two of the same type of games??

After some googling 'ahh Gods and Monsters got renamed'

Sonic-and-Crash1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

i like it that far ...Is presenting Greek Gods as benevolent beings and that is making me to like it alot ....i didnt like GoW where Kratos killed the gods or depicted them as Bad and cruel .....Europe where i am considers Greek Gods as benevolent and beneficient even if they r mythology ......Also has cool visuals and action and at last Ubi makes smthing different from the 'tired" IP Assasin Creed

garos821108d ago


The Greek gods where never benevolent and beneficent. In fact God of War does a relatively good job showing what a bunch of narcissist and evil pricks the ancient Greek gods actually were according to Greek Mythology. Read a little about the father of the Gods Zeus and the atrocities he had committed...

LoveSpuds1108d ago

Agreed, I was really digging the art style, thought this looked pretty great.

RaidenBlack1108d ago

Ubisoft: Huh? What? You guys want Breath of the Wild for non-Nintendo platforms? Yea, you got it!

Michiel19891108d ago

You should try the game Hades, its still in early acces though and its a roguelike, but it really does the greek gods and characters from mythology well, really well actually.

GaboonViper1108d ago

Cheers, thats Supergiant games new one, loved Bastion and Transistor.

Michiel19891108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

yes! I bought it a week ago or so and im hooked.
and as always a great soundtrack (especially during bossfights).

It's by far my favorite game from them now i've put some hours into it.

oh btw it's not a retelling of the greek mythology, its their own spin on the mythology in case you were expecting a retelling or something.

LoveSpuds1108d ago

Thanks for the heads up I have my eye on Hades too, always good to hear of gamers enjoying games I am excited to play.

RaidenBlack1108d ago

The game you give to your kids to play when they want to play God of War.

Silly gameAr1108d ago

I thought the same thing. It reminds me of a G rated God of War.

R6ex1107d ago

Reminds me of Kingdoms of Amalur.

monkey6021108d ago

The game looks great but it is like they chose the most uninteresting boss fight to show it off

Relientk771108d ago

I like it, also excited that it releases this year.

isarai1108d ago

I liked the old art style better🤷‍♂️

Spenok1108d ago

The art style didn't change...

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Good month. I recommend PS users to download R6 Extraction. It is seriously a really fun and polished co-op game.

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zachyBROosevelt192d ago

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That's a crap ton of older good titles...some of which I never got to.