Gods and Monsters Started a Monster Trademark Fight With Monster Energy

Ever since it was revealed, everyone has wondering what caused Ubisoft to the name change of Gods and Monsters to Immortal s: Fenyx Rising. We believe that here at TechRaptor we have uncovered the truth why Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a thing - and it almost certainly is due to your favorite (or least favorite) energy drink.

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Agent_00_Revan40d ago

But then how the hell was it not an issue when the newest Monster Hunter was released? Except for the fact that Monster Hunter has existed longer than Monster Energy drink.

Rachel_Alucard40d ago

Monster energy has been around since 2002, Monster hunter was 2004

instantstupor40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Metacritic tells me there are at least 1000 games with "monster" in the title (though some are multiple copies of multiplatform releases). I'm not exactly a fan of Ubisoft, but in this case? Monster Energy can get fucked. What a spurious lawsuit.

This just shows how broken our patent and law systems are. Who in their right effing mind is going to confuse a video game with an energy drink? The fact no other publisher, like Capcom for Monster Hunter, didn't sue them when they came out with "Monster Energy Supercross" and junk shows there wasn't a worry by those companies that people - even within the videogame space - were likely to confuse their franchise or games with an energy drink.

SaveFerris39d ago

What about the Monster Munch snacks or the 1998 film 'Gods and Monsters'?