Why Gotham Knights' Batman Removal Is A Great Idea

Gotham Knights made the bold decision to start the game with Batman's death, a choice which will allow the other heroes a chance to shine.

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zsquaresoff139d ago

Its really not, since the end of Arkham Knight, we have been waiting to play a 'batman' single player game... not a "Bat Family" games as a service kind of a game.

Unknown_Gamer5794139d ago

Also, if the devs wanted to make a sequel that bridges the time between Batman's "death" and the "shocking" twist that he's not actually dead, they could have just done that. Why go to all the trouble of creating a new universe just to do what could have been done in the existing one? A completely new universe means not being tethered to past continuity, so a game starring Batman would have worked just fine.

toxic-inferno138d ago

They have explained in interviews that they didn't want to be "tethered" to a continuity that wasn't their own. They wanted full creative control.

Plus, Rocksteady may one day revisit the Batman portion of the Arkhamverse (perhaps even in Suicide Squad). It's better for the end of Knight to be picked up on by the original developers.

Unknown_Gamer5794138d ago

@toxic-inferno You didn't read my post all the way through. If they didn't want to be tethered to the Arkham Verse they didn't have to be tethered to it at all, and they could have ditched even the plot point of Batman's supposed death. I actually applaud their decision to start over. I think it's time for a new continuity.

But, I wish they would have just gone all the way with it and started over. There are so many good jumping on points if they wanted inspiration for a new Batman continuity. The devs were under no obligation to make a half-hearted attempt to acknowledge any past continuity, and they had the freedom to do whatever it is they wanted. The point of a new continuity is to not be tethered to anything. I would have preferred something completely new. A proper continuation would have been my second choice. I would prefer either to what this new game is shaping up to be.

As it stands, I'm getting the sense this game started off as a sequel and morphed into its own thing. That would explain the half-and-half old and new nature of this game. I'm hoping the conflicting elements have been reconciled into a finished product that's worthwhile regardless, so I'm still going to follow this game closely to see how it turns out when it launches.

NecrumOddBoy139d ago

I don’t mind the change (Arkham Knight wasn’t the best IMO) but I find it weird that there are now two seemingly “Anthem/Avengers’esk” multiplayer games from WB in the same world: one as heroes and the other as villian’ish characters. Strange to me.

Immagaiden138d ago

These titles aren’t in the same world. Gotham Knights & Suicide Squad take place in different continuities

FlameWater139d ago

It's 2020 we should already be at Batman Beyond