MS: credit crunch will help Xbox 360 News

Eurogamer writes:

Microsoft reckons the Xbox 360 will benefit from the credit crunch this Christmas, as families opt to stay at home and share affordable, long-lasting entertainment.

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TrevorPhillips4248d ago

lets just hope the 360 price goes down well this xmas

SONYSLAVE4248d ago

I can not wait to see the sells after this year
now that will be some funny stuff

Oh and when is tekken 6 coming out i cant wait to play it on the 360 ;p

Spike474248d ago

while it lasts, and expect some real heavy marketing from them. Everytime I turn on the tv I see atleast 1 xbox360 commercial.

If this doesn't help MS widen the gap over the PS3 at a steady rate then they are in trouble. I think Sony is unpredictable with price cuts and their system is doing pretty good although it costs 2x more than the competition.