With Xbox Series S and Game Pass, Microsoft has finally convinced me to buy into Xbox

Destructoid: “If the streaming wars have taught me anything, it's that I win when I get access to as much content as possible for a reasonably low monthly fee.”

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TheExecutioner1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

I am ready to move to XBOX next gen if they can convince with exclusive titles. So far zero interests on their shows

DJStotty1110d ago

You must be watching the wrong ones.

Juvia1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Please enlighten us with what the right ones are. I can't seem to find any good ones either....

Automatic791110d ago

@DJ not worth convincing the diehards who prefer the other platforms. I am definitely interested and I know for sure Xbox bringing the flames this generation.

rainslacker1110d ago

I see a few games I might want, or do want, but none that would entice me to buy a console. Most MS games are the kinds of games you buy and play because you have the means to, not go to the extraordinary effort to find a means to play them.

BQ321110d ago

@Juvia, cmon now, I always own every system and was planning on getting the series X first because of Halo, but they have literally nothing that shouts must have to anyone at or near launch. It is only you fanboys that convince yourself of things. The OG xbox one released with game i really wanted to play such as Killer Instinct, and when titanfall dropped i wanted to play that more than anything else out. The series x has nothing like that that the ps5 can't offer while the ps5 will have a couple really great exclusives ready for launch and they probably will announce something else soon. I am hoping for Factions MP.

Saigon1110d ago

Ive wanted an XBO but MS fumbled that. So I have a high end PC and have gamepass and while there are a lot of games, I honestly see only a few eye catchers, to me. Please note that I said to me; I know others might see it differently. I hate how games come and go but I understand the process. I honestly think this will be something in the future if they play their cards right. The part that throws me off is that its seems MS is trying to make this a requirement as they did with Live. The only difference is that GP is drip feed.

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garos821109d ago

you must be smoking the best herb

DJStotty1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Oh i agree, they messed up the Halo showing which is why it got delayed.

But to try and claim that Microsoft have shown nothing from their shows, is astonishing.

New IP's (may be some new IP i have missed) :-

The Medium (non MS)
Scorn (non MS)

Games (not sure if all 3rd party, may be some MS in there, some already released) :-

As Dusk Falls
State of Decay 3
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II
Forza Motorsport
Project: Mara
Age of Empires IV
Psychonauts 2
Halo Infinite
Tell Me Why
Microsoft Flight Simulator

Not including projects from the other 6 studios yet to be announced, not one of these games interests you?

Ok then....

From the July event for you to look at, see if there is anything you like :-


ManMarmalade1109d ago

IDK about that. The halo reveal was pretty damn bad.

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NeoGamer2321109d ago

To me, both Sony and Microsoft exclusives are mostly pipedreams. Both companies lacked release windows in their presentations....

R&C Rift Apart, GT7, Horizon, Returnal, Demon Souls Remake, Avowed, Fable 4, Forza Motorsports 8, Everwild, etc. No explicit release windows for any of these games were stated in the showcases.

Mark my words.... These consoles ship and as with every other generation to date, we get a drought of games from console ship date to next holiday. The only thing different this gen is we will see launch games bleed into 2021 because of delays.

sampsonon1110d ago

If Sony doesn't give me anything before the 22nd i will try to pre order the S. I never owned an xbox.

Kurisu1110d ago

I owned an Xbox One before Game Pass was a thing. I couldn't wait for Rise of the Tomb Raider to release on PS4, and I really wanted to play Quantum Break. But after that there wasn't really anything else I wanted, so I sold it. However for £249 I can't say no, and I'm looking forward to playing some games that I missed out on in the 360 era. Also can't wait to buy SSX 3 for a tenner and play the hell out of it because I so miss it from PS2.

PrinterMan1110d ago

Cheaper price does not equal greater value. If you want cheap buy an X or PS4 or don’t switch. I find the argument that the cheapest next gen console is a good move. I personally think this series S is a huge blunder and many people will regret their purchase. It will be; I ran out of fast space or the series X looks so much betterr, and then yet another purchase is imminent.

nirwanda1109d ago

@printerman in UK the series S is cheaper than a base PS4 , and alot cheaper than a pro or a X.
While being faster than all of them.
I looked at PS4 pro on Amazon in US and it's $170 more expensive you can almost get two years of gamepass for the extra cost of a weaker PS4 pro with no games or one pack in game

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averagejoe261110d ago

You were never going to get a ps5 then. It makes literally no sense that you'd switch consoles because of some arbitrary date. Your concern trolling is hilariously pathetic.

sampsonon1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

It's not about just the date. MS has made a console that is a great price and yet still next gen. MS has made all info open for all to see and they are going above and beyond to make their package a damn good one. Does this mean i won't buy a ps5? no. I will buy one later, perhaps in 2024 when the price comes down and they have games for 40% off. It's going to be hard to purchase these consoles because of the lack of production because of covid. So i see the Series Sand X as a good choice since i have no idea what Sony is doing. I can wait to purchase the ps5. Win win.

Now if Sony has a showcase explaining everything from price to specs and pre order dates before MS starts pre orders for the Series s -x. Then i will decide which to buy. So far MS has my attention.

Charal1110d ago


“Yet still next gen”: please explain me what is so next gen defining in SeS, so that I will be able to get it back to you when you will criticize consoles from other brands.

sampsonon1110d ago

@Charal: 1440p, Ray tracing, 60-120 FPS.

Charal1109d ago


Ok, so:

1440p: possible on One X/PS4 pro
Ray-tracing: possible on One X/ PS4 pro:

60/120fps: possible on One X/PS4 pro. Even on PS1.

You are just copy/pasting MS PR.

It at least you have listed SSD.

Now let me tell you what is really a next gen console: computational power increased by at least a x3 factor vs previous gen.

You can go and check for every consoles gens.

That is what allows devs to propose new game experiences.

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darthv721110d ago

I say anyone who has held off on jumping into Xbox should just come to the dark side... we have cookies.

darthv721110d ago

^salted caramel cookies are some of the best.

crazyCoconuts1110d ago

This just in - cookies delayed to holiday 2021 ;-)

MoonConquistador1110d ago

Lol, probably the most honest thing you've ever said in these forums.

Couldn't agree more (about salted caramel cookies, not XBox)

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medman1110d ago

A purchasing decision should involve more than that. It's a long generation....you're going to have to live with your decision for a while. Choose wisely.

thornh1110d ago

There is absolutely ZERO logic in your statement.

Elda1110d ago

I never owned one either & I want to give them a chance to own one as my second console to go to but there are only about 3 or 4 games that have my interest & those games are timed exclusives that may eventually end up on the PS5.

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TheEnigma3131110d ago

This has convinced me to do a hard pass. I'll give it a few years like i did the xbone.