Xbox Game Pass for PC Is Getting Out of Beta and Its Price Will Increase

Xbox Game Pass for PC was introduced last year as a beta. Next week the beta is ending, and the subscription price will be increased.

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817d ago
lelo2play817d ago

If it was 6-7€ a month, would be worth it, but 10€ is a bit too much on PC. For that price I prefer purchasing the game I'm interested.
If they made a pack 1 year Game Pass PC for 70-75€... I'd subscribe.

XbladeTeddy817d ago

Too much? It has incredible value for what it offers. No more than the price of a couple of pints down the pub in the UK.

Toiletsteak817d ago

They said from day one that once it's out of Beta the price will go up.

CaptainHenry916817d ago (Edited 817d ago )

I been saying this for a while now. I'm going to cancel it when it happens $5 dollars was good while it lasted

catlover316817d ago

They told us it was coming really.

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RazzerRedux817d ago

Was inevitable. Good thing I've been building up my Microsoft Rewards points.

Of course, you can still just let the subscription expire every month and renew for $1.

roadkillers817d ago

Or just pay $180 for 3 years of Game Pass Ultimate

RazzerRedux817d ago

I can pay nothing and use rewards points. Besides I'll only subscribe for a month or so at a time when there are games on the service I want to play. Paying up front for three years of Ultimate is a massive waste of money for me.

817d ago
JohnnyPremo817d ago

How do you pay 180 for 3 years?

roadkillers814d ago

There is a promo, google 180 gamepass and it will show you the instructions.

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ocelot07817d ago

I hope that is the case otherwise no more gamepass for me until there is a game on there I really want to play.

RazzerRedux817d ago

I just renewed for $1 for the third straight month. Mainly just to prove it could be done as some here said it couldn't. How long Microsoft allows that trick to idea. I expect they will eventually make it a one time offer if the service becomes more popular.

ocelot07817d ago


I guess so to be honest I only renewed for a pound a few days ago. I done it for the sake of it only being a pound. I have not actually played anything since renewing. Might get cracking on with Wolfenstein new blood.

crazyCoconuts817d ago

Yea, the $1 trick has to end eventually, especially once they start putting their own 1st party single player games out there more frequently that people would otherwise want to buy.

CaptainHenry916817d ago

Lol I played a lot of games that I was interested in using that trick 😊

Father__Merrin817d ago

Great to hear it's back upto the full price

RazzerRedux817d ago

lol...PC getting a better deal was tweaking your jealousy even more, wasn't it?

phoenixwing817d ago

I like how there was an article about how ea play was at no additional cost but they double the sub price a day after announcing it.

Still a great deal I'm just not going to go in thinking there was no additional cost to this.

CantThinkOfAUsername817d ago

Well, now it is the same as Xbox's price (up from $5 a month to $10).

crazyCoconuts817d ago

I think it was a good deal at $5/month, but for me, not a good deal at $10/month.
EA Play added to Steam is $30/year which works out to $2.50 / month, but I still don't get it (and I bet many people don't). It's just not worth it for me - by the time the good games go into the vault i already bought them.
So from my perspective the price just doubled but the value clearly did not.

Patrick2817d ago (Edited 817d ago )

I agree, my son, my nephew and I were playing Grounded on PC game pass and i was ok with paying basically $10 monthly ($5 each for me and my son) for that and a couple other games, but I am not so ok with paying $20 a month. Probably gonna cancel it. Just not worth it. The subscriptions are getting out of hand. Between game subs and tv subs, Its getting way to costly.

Ju816d ago (Edited 816d ago )

Just canceled mine. Steam all the way. Not sure if I ever paid $60 for a Steam game. With all those specials its about the same as Game Pass and I actually own the games - not a surprise disappearance when you are in the middle of a campaign. Doesn't support my DS4, Steam does (and with EA Play on Steam so do those without trickery). Well, F1 did support the DS4 even on Game Pass...

crazyCoconuts816d ago

@Ju - i agree. And the controller mapping features in Steam are often not mentioned when people compare stores and such. It's fantastic. Probably a lot of people don't realize that you can map the gyro to look, triggered by the Left Trigger (ADS) and use gyro aim to dial in the shot with a DS4. So many things you can configure...

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817d ago
OG_TK_Cole817d ago

I have Game Pass Ultimate for PC, that price isnt Increasing.

crazyCoconuts817d ago

You're already paying $15/month $180/year. You have met your tithe requirement for the church of MS lol. Go in peace, brother.

817d ago
crazyCoconuts817d ago

No, doesn't pain me. I'm glad someone is out there keeping the competition alive. Keeps the market leader in check.

Xristo817d ago

Nope, just $1 for 36 months. I'll reassess it's value again sometime in 2022.

OG_TK_Cole817d ago

What ever that Means.... I dont get caught up in the "Fanboy" Dramatics. I own a Gaming PC, A Gaming Laptop, a PS4 Pro, a XBOX One X and a Nintendo Switch. Im about playing Video Games. Who ever has them, Im going to get them. Lastly I own Game Pass Ultimate strictly for X-Cloud. Its Free with Game Pass Ultimate. I would Flex but you young dont know any better.

crazyCoconuts817d ago

@GamingEffect - are you the old spice guy from the commercials? You're sitting on a horse right now, aren't you? :-)

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