TGR: Shaun White Snowboarding review


"The game is fun for a short while if all you are doing is going up and down the mountains. If you spend the time to perfect your jumps, then the game might have a decent amount of content to keep you busy. The story takes about 4-6 hours to play through, although the game is an open world and does give you the chance to explore a bit. If you really enjoy your experience you might cruise through again to collect more cash to upgrade gear, but I'm betting that if you make it through once, you will pat yourself on the back and call it a day.

Shaun White Snowboarding has some good qualities, but all of the bugs and the poor choice in control scheme make this an average outing for the masterful Shaun White. If you are looking for a great snowboarding game, this isn't the one--at least not until it gets a price drop."

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