Assassin's Creed Valhalla runs at 4K 60 FPS on Xbox Series X

According to a new press release from Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed Valhalla runs at 4K 60 FPS on Xbox Series X. This means Xbox Series X owners will get a high resolution and a smooth gameplay experience.

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AngelicIceDiamond51d ago

So they ended up doing 60 fps, that's good news should be standard force X Series and PS5.

Obscure_Observer50d ago

And so it begins.

Hopefully more devs will focus on 60fps in the future.

Eonjay50d ago

I agree. First of all it benefits the most amount of gamers regardless of whether they are rocking 4k or not. All TVs will support 60 FPS. Start there.

esemce50d ago

Yeah there is nothing next gen about 30fps no matter how good it looks.

bloop50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Esemce: There is nothing next gen about this game from what we've seen so far. They'd want up be hitting 4k/60 as it looks like a current gen title.

fewDankMemes50d ago

I really didn’t think this would be the case.. The last time it was showed it was running on Series X and confirmed it was and would be running at 4K 30. They must have really scaled back a lot of things to get it to 4K60

Babadook750d ago (Edited 50d ago )

“nothing next gen about 30fps no matter how good it looks”

False. But at 30 FPS Valhalla didn’t even look good so at least now it’s at 60 which helps.

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RazzerRedux51d ago

Really glad consoles are getting past the 30 fps limitation. It does make a difference.

Lennoxb6350d ago

Games are not pass it. There will stil be a lot of 30 fps games. Watch as the detail in games increases.

Ashunderfire8650d ago

But alot of next-gen games are being announced with a 4k60FPS option for performance.

RazzerRedux50d ago

At least a lot of them seem to be getting 60fps modes, if nothing else. That's progress at least.

Mithan50d ago

Exactly, but lets hope they aim to offer us a 60fps mode. I almost always choose that over 30fps with detail, as you can barely see a difference in most cases. God of War for example still looks great in performance mode vs detail mode, and in the thick of the action... you don't notice.

Hell I can barely notice a difference between ACO maxed on my PC vs my PS4 Pro version of ACO, but I do notice the 60vs30fps. I can play at 30fps no problem, but the gameplay experience is just better at 60.

Ju50d ago

And there I was just going to say, I barely notice the 30fps on single player games vs unlocked (except unstable frame rate). It still amazes me, Shadow of the Tomb Raider holds up on the Pro vs, the PC even though it runs at 60fps there. Those games don't necessarily need more fps if they are rock solid at 30fps (no PC game ever does that, though. 30fps on a PC are terrible for some reason). And even with a freesync which mine has a low bounds of 40fps, it does not even run smooth in case it would drop to 45. But really, Playing this in 60 and then going back to the Pro is not such a huge difference what that framerate delta would suggest. Some games I really don't want to play below 60, of course, but exciting story driven single player games where it doesn't require twitch response times, I rather want to see photo realistic visuals, even if that means 30 (+)fps (no dips to 28!).

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hiawa2350d ago

To be fair, reality says there will still be 30FPS games on consoles.

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GoodGuy0951d ago

Well good news for consoles then

LordoftheCritics51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Im glad they are pushing 60fps. For both consoles I prefer 60fps constant even it means 1440p and 1080p in taxing games.

Also hope the Series X which is touting 120fps means 1080p options in case someone wants that for mp shooters.

Jin_Sakai51d ago

Native 4K/60fps and 1440p/120fps games. 1080p is to low for next gen.

LordoftheCritics51d ago

Depends on the game. You never know.

monochromer51d ago

I mean, no, Lord. It's 2020. It doesn't "depend on the game." 1080p is excessively outdated now.

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GamesAsAService50d ago

Yea for TV gaming you are probably right. But I often play with my brother in the same room and he usually pulls out a 1080p monitor. In such a scenario 1080p will be fine. Probably will go with a Series S for him and a Series X for myself on the tv.

neoandrew50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Have you seen a 1080p movie? Resolution doesn't determine the visual fidelity, even the best looking game at 4k ultra is far away from 1080p like real-life feed quality.
So no, 1080p is not too low for next gen.

Nothing is outdated if they can't render photorealistic quality even at 1080p.

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RazzerRedux50d ago

Devs will opt for techniques like checkerboard or temporal rendering rather than extremely low resolutions. But yeah, to your point, native 4K is entirely unnecessary for most graphically intense games. I turn down resolution scaling on PC all the time to improve frame rate.

RaiderNation50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Its not only unnecessary, its stupid. Spiderman on PS4 Pro using checkerboard 4K rendering looks stunning and I dare anyone to claim they can see the difference between it and native 4K. Same with Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone. Techniques like this along with temporal reconstruction, DLSS 2.0, etc should make native 4K rendering obsolete. Its a complete waste of system power for so little gain. Its a marketing buzzword, thats all.

RazzerRedux50d ago


Agree. DF calls this the "post-resolution era" because the sheer number of pixels on the screen are secondary to the techniques that can make the images look fantastic without the huge performance hit.

Ju50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I have a Pro and a standard PS4 and the difference is noticeable if you switch back and forth. Not so much if you only play one version. But the aliasing on the PS4 is extremely visible once you play that on a Pro.

So, you can only do so much with 1080 pixels. Not saying we need 4K, but in TV land, to go beyond 1080, you need a 4K output. Now if this is native or not is another story, and often it is scaled. But you need more pixels than 1080p to do that well.

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