Sega Dreamcast Launched 21 Years Ago and Its Legacy Is Still Celebrated

Sega Dreamcast launched 21 years ago, and gamers and fans of the system still honor and celebrate its legacy to this day.

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darthv7242d ago

I had to wait a month because my wife got it for my birthday but man do those memories still stand out today. Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, Trickstyle... the fun never ended (until Sega pulled the plug)

Nitrowolf241d ago

I played the heck out of the dream cast. Loved the console so much. So many great games lol

TheColbertinator41d ago

Great console. Still my 2nd favorite ever.

Godmars29041d ago

People are still grousing that it was Sega's last console you mean. That if not for the finical position they'd put themselves in, they might still be around as a platform.

Einhander197141d ago

Yes an amazing console, cut far to soon unfortunately.

Fraggle198741d ago

The game selection on the dreamcast was dreadful compared to the competition. Terrible controller too.

Loktai41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Major case of rose tinted glasses. The system was good and compared to other systems it was good but it lacked most of ps2s major features and was inferior outright . The only reason it kept up with the ps2 initially was the ps2s complex architecture. Not that I don't love Dreamcast and have super fond memories of mine but if you count the dreamcast as part of the same generation as PS2 GAMECUBE and XBOX it was deeply under powered ... it has the disk capacity of a GAMECUBE with half the graphical power.

People pine on and on and on about shenmue but try to make new people who don't have nostalgic feelings play shenmue and it feels and plays pretty badly . I love it the same way I love the original half life or quake or mdk2 or Daytona USA. Dreamcast had it's chance. It was it's sales and lack of ability to get complete next gen games that killed it. The machine was basically never taken seriously by major publishers, square , EA etc just ignored it .

CR7JUVE189741d ago

EA ignored it because they wanted to be the sole provider of sports titles on the console, but Sega had just purchased Visual Concepts with the intent of creating the 2K line, so that wasn't going to happen.

yeahokwhatever40d ago

PS1 just did far too well for people to bother getting a dreamcast when PS2 was just around the corner. PS1 delivered in games. Sega Saturn did not.

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The story is too old to be commented.