Gamecyte: Tom Clancy's EndWar review


"Even the little things are done right in EndWar. Finding the difficulty too easy or too hard? You don't have to start the whole campaign over; you can switch it between battles. Grinding your way towards certain achievements? The game auto-saves, but you can also maintain individual save files at any point during the campaign, so you don't have to start over there, either. Don't want to shout your orders out loud, for fear of scaring the neighbors? The voice command system is a gem, but you can still use a controller if you want. You can even save replays of your best battles and relive your moments of glory.

EndWar does not reinvent the RTS, but it deserves high praise for the polish and refinement that it brings to the familiar gameplay. It's quite solid in terms of game design, it's a blast to play, and it proves, without question, that an RTS title can work on a console."

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