Sony Celebrates PlayStation 1's 25th Anniversary Today In North America

Sony is celebrating the PlayStation 1's 25th anniversary today in North America. Find out about the history of the console and more.

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masterfox49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Wow !! 25 years has passed since the Playstation become the king of this game industry, congrats Sony!

chrisx49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Playstation the undisputed champion. I remember the demo CD that came with my PS that had tenka, porsche challenge, hercules etc and that soul blade video. Great times.

iain0449d ago

The demo disc in the UK had a mint (for the time) interactive trex.

chrisx49d ago

Yeah I remember that and also the interactive manta ray fish

bouzebbal48d ago

I bought ps1 in 1997.. Took me 1 year in 1996 to admit PS is the new King.. Hard when you have been SEGA fan since the beginning, you have a Saturn and a TV hi-fi company comes with its first console and crushes everything.. Even the upcoming N64 was dead on arrival due to variety of games PS was offering..undisputed king of gaming ever since...with Nintendo

darthv7249d ago

That was a great time for me. I was 22 (a month shy of 23) and my buddy and I picked up our PS1's at the same time. i got the game Ridge Racer and Battle Arena Toshinden. He got Raiden Project and Ace Combat. Good times... good times. I know getting that black lambo was a pain in the ass for me but i did it.

bouzebbal48d ago

Not good times, BEST times!!

The_Sage48d ago

I got my PlayStation just like you. in 97 after realizing my Sega Saturn was getting its ass kicked. I was 23 at the time.

roadkillers48d ago

Holy cow, your an old man ;)

Patrick248d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Great story...brings back memories of my first experience with the PS1. I was 20
It was early 1996, I went with a friend, over to another friends house and when we walked into his bedroom he was playing Battle Arena Toshinden. I was like "what is that?" and he said it was a Sony Play Station (thats how I heard it). And I was like, wait, what? Sony made a games console? And there it was, the grey console with a flip top that held a disk. It was instant love at first I can remember going over to the electronics department everytime I was at walmart to look at it and the games. Was still saving money to get it. Needed over $300. Then one day I went over there and it said $199... I could not believe it. I had enough.. I was on cloud 9. Walked out with my Playstation and a new very cool looking game called Resident Evil. The rest is history.

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CrimsonWing6949d ago

and to celebrate they did what exactly?

masterfox49d ago

save the game industry several times,gaming innovation, not disappoint their consumers, create legendary games(exclusives) and push game franchises and created new ones so the competitors including PC gamers can enjoy, these highlights just to name a few, they have plenty of reasons to celebrate ;)

mrblackgx48d ago

Gaming innovation? Please enlighten me

rainslacker49d ago

Paid homage to the PS legacy. Had ice cream cake.

Otherwise, why make a big deal about it? They did a big deal about the 25th anniversary of the PS brand last year celebrating when it first launched in Japan. Seems kind of redundant to do it again just because it released in the US 25 years ago.

TheExecutioner48d ago

Celebrate it was released 25 years a good .. did not your daddy celebrate your birthday day ...

monkey60248d ago

They released Bedroom to Billions at least. But im yet to watch it

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hulk_bash198748d ago

How about we get that release date and price as a way of celebrating Sony?

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