AMD Announces Keynote Dates for Zen 3 and RX 6000 "Big Navi"

After what seems like an eternity, AMD finally came out of the woodwork and officially announced launch dates for its highly anticipated CPUs and GPUs.

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FlyingFoxy503d ago

If Zen 3 is a solid 15-20% uplift over Zen 2 as rumoured, then it's looking good. If it's that much better for gaming i may well swap out my 3700x for the 8 core chip, if that ends up having the best latency due to chip layout.

Artemidorus502d ago

PC getting it's own next gen

fr0sty502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

It'll be next gen before many of these parts end up getting utilized for more than just better resolution or framerates. There will be a lot of untapped potential in PC games this gen due to the consoles having lower performing parts, especially the Series S. The multiplats will have to cater to that lowest common denominator.

Zhipp502d ago

I think the lowest common denominator(i.e consoles) are better equipped to push PC than they were last gen simply due to the improved CPUs.

RazzerRedux502d ago

For GPUs, gens come every two years or so.

CaptainHenry916502d ago

I'm going with Nvidia for the GPU. But for the CPU it might be AMD since Intel decided to eat donuts and take a long vacation

XxINFERNUSxX502d ago

Going to replace my 3700x to maybe the rumored 10 core cpu they might have. :D Happy they support B450 and X470. Just need a BIOS update for my Asrock X470 Taichi then I can just drop in the new CPU. \o/ Actually I knew the date from yesterday.

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