Star Citizen Announces New "Free Fly" Event Letting Everyone Try The Game For Two Weeks

Today Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games announced a brand-new "Free Fly" event for the game, letting everyone try it for free.

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peppeaccardo42d ago

As long as they will not ask for my credit card I will check it out .... :P

42d ago
Outlawzz42d ago

The gift that keeps giving ! Become a star citizen and experience the ever evolving world, donate to our cause and together we wont ever stop till we reach the stars !

catlover31642d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Why even post this here? Most here want to crap all over this game for whatever reason. You dont see people crap all over games like red dead 2 for taking so long and using so much investor money, but since this is crowd funded they do? Why dont you give Kojima crap for losing a bunch of sonys money with a game that clearly wouldnt have mass appeal? Personally Im just waiting for the game to be done, I wasnt willing to help fund it but I might buy it.

EDIT: to be clear, I like Death Stranding but it was clear it wouldnt be a big seller.

JackBNimble42d ago

Be cool if it ever came to next gen consoles .

Si-Fly42d ago

Yeah, why didn’t people crap over RDR2? I mean I paid $200 for the Black Stallion 5 years ago, and all I have access to is the tech demo of the stable FFS. Rock Star are sitting pretty with my money in the bank and the game still hasn’t been released 😡

catlover31642d ago (Edited 42d ago )

It took 8 years (even longer since the online didnt make launch), the online portion of the game has often been broken, and have you seen the micro-transactions in red dead online? sit down. I know star citizen looks like it will take even longer, and it has some stupid micro-transactions... but im just waiting until it comes out. Im hoping it turns out well, and isnt a disaster like Too Human or something like that. If you dont want to support them before launch thats fine, I didnt either and Im sure they have enough already.

nyu142d ago

Very bad comparison. One of them is a finished game that offers fantastic value. The other is a project that's seen tons of delays, still 8 years in and not in the best place, and functions off of crowdfunded money.

catlover31642d ago (Edited 42d ago )

@nyu1 its out now, but it took forever and the online didnt launch day 1. It also had lots of issues at launch, and has been broken many times. Its a fantastic example, unless you are just too short sighted to see the game for anything but what it is now. I mean the game looked like crap when it first launched on ps4 pro (did they even fix it yet?).

spicelicka42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

RDR2? You mean the game that actually came out and also happened to the one of the best games this gen? The game that was made by a company that actually finishes their games? Invested in by people who knew what they were getting and made their money back tenfold?

Last I checked plenty of games got criticized for being constantly delayed.

catlover31642d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Well yes it did come out, but it was delayed many times before that genius. There was no backlash that entire time, so what is your argument? Rockstar has cancelled many games such as the agent by the way, so ya... try using your brain next time.

LordoftheCritics42d ago


Rockstar delivers.

catlover31642d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Right, Im having so much fun playing the agent and bully 2. Be honest people, its too easy to call you out even if you have a point buried in your nonsense.

Si-Fly42d ago

I backed Star Citizen and bought a Free Lancer about 7 years ago, it’s a mess.

LordoftheCritics42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

''Right, Im having so much fun playing the agent and bully 2. Be honest people, its too easy to call you out even if you have a point buried in your nonsense.''

You dont understand the meaning of credibility. Credibility goes a long way.

RSI has lost credibility. It has delayed the release since the PS3 era, and now then entire PS4 gen and on the final year of the end of this gen, they announce a roadmap of an upcoming roadmap of a work in progress.

That's the opposite of credibility. A new company has to earn credibility which means whenever they say something, they need to deliver. Their word has to mean something. For someone like Rockstar, who have delivered stellar quality games, a delay once in a while is accepted and very easily forgiven as they have earned their credibility.

After following their game, the media, the early previews and overall community assesment, the general consensus goes like this.

Announce year PS3/X360 gen- hype all of that gen
New Gen starts - still some hype but slowly dwindling as only tiny bits of the game seems to have been completed.
Early New gen- breaks records in crowdfunding for the 10th time, still incomplete and bloated ideas.
Following year- Not much game, hype fluctuating
Mid Gen- investors themselves, ''where is the game?'', hanging onto hope
Soon after- Campaign cutscenes, oh yeaaah they are actually making something
Soon after- *crickets*
Late gen- Yep i guess no game, only hope exists
End of gen- Roadmap announced.
Next Gen- ???

spicelicka42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Soo how many games has Rockstar released successfully, and how many has Cloud Imperium released successfully? Hmmm.

If you're crying about why no one cried about RDR2 being delayed, it's because it wasn't our problem it was the problem of the people investing in it. This game's investors are us, the consumers, so it makes for more sense for us to crap on it. You would see the same type of concern in investors' private conversations of RDR2 if Rockstar had never released a game before, announced it in 2012 with a 2014 release window and kept delaying till 2020 lol. The people shitting on this game are literally the investors themselves.

Lionsguard38d ago

So dumb, why would you compare games from actual game companies or developers with a proven track record? They have finished products. Whether it's bad or good, their products are finished 100%. Also investor money means accountability. Crowd Funded money? What accountability is there? There's no one to keep them on a leash, no accounting for any lost money, if the game eventually does release and bombs, they would have either lost all that money on actually development or it'll be exposed as to how badly they squandered the money on other things but of course that'll never happen because once again, it's crowd funded, there's no accounting for that money, it could very well just be coming into someone's pocket and in the end, there would be no legal recourse for anyone involved who gave them money because it's all "donations". So dumb, I don't get why people like you defend this practice so much. Perhaps you're a developer or someone who has poured too much money into it to back out and save face. Whatever, the reason, this is all still shady asf. It screams more of an elaborate money laundering scam instead of the old tried and true "Paint a blue line and sell it for a 100 million" scheme.

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thornh42d ago

No offense meant to any Star Citizen fans out there but I did check into getting involved with this game about a year ago and only came away with the feeling that the entire thing is a gigantic pyramid scheme. Supposedly over $300 million in crowd funding?! Someone is getting VERY rich off of this whole deal.

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