This Microsoft Flight Simulator mod adds Godzilla

Oh no, they say he's got to go

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himdeel43d ago

Don't have this game but LoVe lOvE this addition to the game! Love Godzilla!!!!

The Wood43d ago

That's kinda kool . . The should go for all of the rampage crew. . . . . If you know you know

meshow44d ago

Maybe to make it more interesting and not so boring.

CaptainHenry91643d ago

Lol you definitely can fall a sleep on it 😁

Modestmex43d ago

Its a simulator not a game not a console game.

aaronaton44d ago

That's not a 3d model of Godzilla, that's scan data from Melissa McCarthy leaving her home.

roostermoans44d ago

Props for the Blue Oyster Cult reference. :-)

Pricey44d ago

The mods are what will makes this game, for me personally. I want to reenact the battle of Britain.

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