Gran Turismo 7 and More PS5 Exclusives Get Updated Box Art On Amazon

Amazon has updated the product listings for several PS5 exclusives including Demon's Souls and Gran Turismo 7. They have also updated the box art.

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RaidenBlack137d ago

The Returnal and Sackboy box art looks really cool.
The other two are not final though.

Antnee534137d ago

It's weird sackboy doesn't have a playstation studios logo so what dev is making that game?

SamPao137d ago

Sumo Digital, but still its a cooperation so the logo should still be there, none of them seem to be final

Elda137d ago

Sumo Digital & Sony's XDev.

137d ago
bouzebbal137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

I want to play all of them.. So much Greatness

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SullysCigar137d ago

Hell yeah - those guys at Housemarque know a thing or two about making fast, fun games!

MrSec84137d ago

Yeah that game looks awesome and freaky too.
I love Housemarque's games, Resogun was fantastic, hopefully next gen will get a 4K 120Hz update.
Hopefully Returnal is a launch window game.

morganfell137d ago

Only R&C topped this game for me. Considering the style of game and how different it is for them as regards their other work I think it’s safe to say they are going to bring something unique and innovative to this title.

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Teflon02137d ago

We need ModNation Racers for PS5. The one issue with the game was loading and that's not a factor no more. Get that at 4k60 with fast loads and we good

MrSec84137d ago

Maybe a remake of the original, with more content could come to PS5.
PS5's CPU and other hardware is fast enough to make a great PS3 emulator run well, especially with Sony knowing their source code and the modern features of the RDNA Architecture, Machine Learning goes back to the first version, should be even better on RDNA2.

Vipre77137d ago

I’d like to see that! It was a really fun game, but I quit playing it because I couldn’t stand all the loading screens.

RaiderNation127d ago

I've been crying for a new Mod Nation Racers for years now! That was SUCH an underrated game on PS3! I would settle for just a remaster/remake of the original. That game was so much fun! I would spend hours just customizing my cars/drivers. Plus I thought the mechanics of the game were awesome. Up res that puppy to 4k, increase the frames to 60fps,and eliminate the loading and I'd be a happy camper!