Wii Weight Loss Not Typical

Kotaku first wrote about Mickey DeLorenzo back in early December when he set out to lose weight by playing Wii Sports.

hey_suburbia at plans to spend 30 minutes a day playing Wii sports, from December 3rd to January 15th, in order to chart the effect it has on his body, tracking his pain, weight, Wii Fitness Age, etc.

DeLorenzo would later report that he managed to lose nine pounds in six weeks by playing Wii Sports for 30 minutes a day. His workout was so successful that he has now signed a book deal, The Wii Workout, and teamed up with to show off his workout, Time reports.

But is his story of losing all of that weight while promising to "continue ALL normal activity and eating habits" too good to be true? Likely not for him, but it sounds like he may be an anomaly...

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