How Bloodborne Proves That New IPs are Better for Developers than Sequels

The originality of Bloodborne can be an important lesson for developers to not get too comfortable staying within a familiar IP.

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ZeroBlue244d ago

It was a pretty brilliant misdirection from from.

ssj2744d ago

Tomorrow how uncharted 2 or killzone 2 proves that sequels are better than new ips lol

LMosche44d ago

Sequels are better. But only Sony sequels lol.

goldwyncq44d ago

Mass Effect 2 isn’t a “sony sequel” and is one of the greatest sequels of all time.

rainslacker44d ago

Sequels are better when they're made with a care to try and recapture the predecessor, while improving on the whole. They tend to be bad when they end up being focus tested and try to cram other things which seem popular elsewhere in an attempt to capture a wider audience...which is what happens with a lot of sequels.

BrainSyphoned44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I preferred Dark Souls 3

Rambokind44d ago

No way. Bloodborne was a game-changer. FromSoft is the best developer out there.

Nacho_Z44d ago

DS3 is a great game but I prefer an original masterpiece like Bloodborne to a refinement of a formula like DS3. It's a very good game but the seen it all before feel drags it down a tad for me.

Vithar44d ago

From is better at making new IPs than sequels, that's all. Plenty of GREAT sequels franchises out there

UltraNova44d ago

I've got to agree. Demon's, DS1, BB were all masterpieces. Hopefully they'll keep the tradition with Elden Rings.

phoenixwing44d ago

I find that to be different. Usually the second game is better. It's where the team refines the game and puts all the ideas they couldn't fit into their first game. Whenever you hear from a dev diary or video they always talk about the first game not having everything they wanted or cool concepts being scratched because they're too busy building the engine or assets for the first game.

SickSinceSix44d ago

I remember several games where the protagonist couldn't swim until the sequel.

I agree that a lot of second games are better, God of War II and Killzone 2 for example.

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