Let's Give Activision a Bit of Credit, Yeah?

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a Real Gamer™ must hate major publishers. None of the big boys escape criticism, whether it’s Ubisoft for its perceived approach to copy-and-paste game design or EA for, well, absolutely everything, really. Activision has oft been a dirty word in enthusiast circles, presumably because it insists on releasing wildly popular Call of Duty titles every year, but while other companies have had a dire generation, let’s give Bobby Kotick and his underlings a morsel of credit for some of its extracurricular activities recently.

The reality is that even if you think first-person shooters will give you cooties, Activision has done a wonderful job resurrecting some of its older brands. All the talk at the start of the generation revolved around whether Sony could wrench the Crash Bandicoot franchise out of the publisher’s cold hard grasp; the discussion was partly fuelled by outright fandom, but also because no one truly believed that the American publisher could do the mischievous marsupial justice in this day and age.

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Knightofelemia992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

You should define what a real gamer is you ask anybody what a real gamer is and the definition will be different. A real gamer in my definition does not care about console wars, and is in it for the feel of the game the enjoyment of the game relating to the characters and story of the game and says wow this is a great game. As a customer I hate EA I hate their business practices I hate how they close down good studios I hate how they litter a game with loot boxes and microtransactions I will not support EA. Activision releasing older titles as remakes is nothing new other companies have done it I like Spyro and Crash but I will not buy them day one I wait until they are cheap then I buy them. As a customer I just don't like Activision either I like Namco,Sega,Insomniac,Epic,Naug hty Dog,Santa Monica,Ubisoft,Quantic Dream,Banpresto,Gust,KOEI Tecmo, and SquareEnix. Again as for Nintendo's Disney approach to the new Mario collection releasing it as a limited number run both digital and physical then throwing it back into the vault is a dumb idea. I want the Mario collection just for Galaxy and Sunshine but as a customer especially if I am buying said limited number run game I expect Mario 64 to be cleaned up looks wise and have it polished. If modders have been doing it for years then why the hell can't Nintendo do it even Disney when they take a movie out of the vault for a limited time even polishes up their old cartoon movies. If Nintendo keeps going down the Disney route with limited time run then goes back into the vault it will eventually kick them in the ass.

monkey602992d ago

Activision laid off hundreds of employees to save costs in the same year they made record breaking profits and gave Bobby Kottick a disgustingly large bonus on top of his already obscene paycheck.

They left a huge library of properties dormant for years so they could force more studios into a cycle of developing Call of Duty games.

They lock demos for upcoming games behind preorders.

Remember when they tried to sell Spyro 1 on a disc titled a trilogy without 2 and 3 included? They had to be downloaded.

Honestly Tony Hawk, CTR, Crash 1 -3, Spyro 1 - 3 were all great but Activision is run by absolute scumbags and no we should absolutely not let them think we forget that

AngelicIceDiamond991d ago

They need to rid of the 1X to ease up confusion and ppl will pick up the Series S. Keep the 1S as the only ast gen console.

JCOLE13195991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Edit: never mind

KwietStorm_BLM991d ago

You immediately lost me when trying to be funny with all gamers hating big publishers. Just tells me you're overlooking the actual criticisms they deserve, for the sake of patting Activision on the back.

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