Arrests made for stealing cancer patient's 360

Last week you read the story about a teen bone cancer patient in Vermont who had his Xbox 360 stolen whilst getting surgery in Boston. This week Local authorities arrested two teenagers with expectations of issuing a third related to the January 21st burglary. Both pleaded not guilty to their respective charges. Fortunately, a replacement Xbox 360, complete with games, was delivered to the patient of Massachusetts General Hospital, thanks largely in part to the $11,000 raised his teammates to help cover the family's expenses.

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Mikey_Gee4912d ago

That dirty bastard deserved to get caught.

Make him a Candy Striper and see how he feel in a few days.

ryanjtravis4912d ago

People that do stuff like this should be punished harshly. Glad to see they caught the guys.

joemutt4912d ago

I guess they dont want them playing any videogames while locked up. I bet they could still play the wii.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4912d ago

they like being Bubba and LeRoys b1tches!