IGN: Prince of Persia Review

Forget what you know about the Prince of Persia series. Let go the Sands of Time. Release your Warrior Within. Ubisoft Montreal has created a new Prince, in a new world, with a new female companion and a very different design philosophy. The longer you hold on to the style of last generation's Prince of Persia, the harder it will be to master the new one. Embrace the change and you're likely to fall in love with the new Prince (or at least his lovely companion).

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user94220774235d ago

ZOMG, what an amazing score, wow! I thought IGN will give this an 8.5 or near that estimate. I really need to pick this game up when it comes out.

Montrealien4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

GJ UBI Montreal! Can`t wait to try this, another great game for the studio!

wetowel4235d ago

I was also expecting a low to average score for this game but this 9.3 came out of left field. Just might have to pick this up now...

chaosatom4235d ago

I wasn't expecting that!!!!

chaosatom4235d ago

You can't die in the game? WTF?
Combat has been toned down and completely changed.
And Difficulties changes, making it easier.

I guess i will rent it.

Danja4235d ago

Been on the fence about this still gonna rent it 1st if I like the game , i'll probably buy it....good score though..

TheExecutive4235d ago

I was really impressed with the score until i saw the person giving it. Hilary has given some really high scores that werent deserved this generation.

That video review made the Prince sound more like a sidekick that anything else. You dont learn anything new? Always have snooty comments? Same sword? slow-paced? no new moves? One button combat? it sounds a little on the boring side imho.

Milky4235d ago

I was gonna get this anyway, but now its day one purchase.

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KingDizzi4235d ago

BOO YEAH that's what im talking about, first day purchase for me.

Cavs094235d ago

just cause one person from the IGN team gave it a good score?

Cheeseknight284235d ago

I'm sure that many like KingDizzi (and myself) were on the fence as to whether or not to buy this game. Even though this is IGN UK and I trust IGN's main reviews more, this score ensures that I will buy it when it releases.

Rhoic4235d ago

Actually, this is IGN US..

IGN US - 9.3/10
IGN UK - 9.4/10

Rice4235d ago

nice score i think im gonna rent this game..

TheColbertinator4235d ago

It looks better than I expected

Omega44235d ago

Im glad this game did well so the year can end on a high note, since i believe this will be the last major game release for the year

Good for Ubisoft, hopefully the Assassins Creed team can learn from these guys

BlindMonkey4235d ago

I agree, assassins creed had a great concept but it failed with its atrocious fighting system

Engineer4235d ago

I actually enjoyed the combat system, a lot more fluid being based on timing. There are enough button masher's out there for me. I mean, seriously, even trying to compete on button mashing with the God of War series is laughable.

AlexTheGreat4235d ago

Same Team worked on both games...

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The story is too old to be commented.