Konami Files Zone Of The Enders Trademarks

New trademark filings have been registered in Europe and Japan. Will Konami make a series announcement at Tokyo Game Show 2020?

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1Victor43d ago


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Kaedro43d ago

Probably a pachinko machine or mobile game.

Agent_00_Revan43d ago

What if it's a mobile Pachinko machine? O.o

Kaedro43d ago

Dammit Agent_00_Revan!! Don't give them ideas you madman!! XD

CDbiggen43d ago

Can someone just tell me this means nothing and that companies do this all time so that I can not have any hope. Thank you.

SamPao43d ago

They do this all the time, it means nothing.

They have to take that step. What are they waiting for? It's now or never.

Juancho5143d ago

Man I really feel you on this. I think he should've made ZoE 3 a long time ago. The games were so GOOD!

Chocoburger43d ago

They're likely just retaining the trademarks so no one can take it from them. Happens all the time.
Would be nice if we actually got a new game though, but that's wishful thinking expecting anything decent from KONAMI at this point.

JayRyu43d ago

Please bring a new game to this series. I loved Second Runner!

TeamIcoFan43d ago

No new game for you.
Only pachinko machines.

Juancho5143d ago

it was amazing. last runner, third runner, prequel, I dont care. give it to me.

Orpheo43d ago

Maybe we'll get, "Zone of the Enders: Survive..."

AshleeEmerson43d ago

Lol, I think you're right...

rainslacker43d ago

To be released on mobile!!!!

One can dream.

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