Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon PS3 Cancelled

HQ has confirmed with Shacknews that the PlayStation 3 version of Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon has indeed been cancelled, citing "development issues." Now an Xbox 360 exclusive, Furon ships to North American retailers on December 1.

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Forbidden_Darkness4242d ago

Its a game i couldnt care for, so the 360 can have it.

LightningPS34242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

How two years later, this still happens. What was Sony thinking when they made the PS3 so hard to work with?

Oh yeah... they were thinking that they were gonna blow away the competition because all the PS2 owners were gonna rush out and buy a PS3 like brainless zombies, regardless of price and game library.

vickers5004242d ago

OH NOEZ! How will us ps3 owners ever live without this game?


Genesis54242d ago

Never played the first 2. Can't see this being a big deal.

joydestroy4242d ago

never even heard of it. won't be picking it up on my 360 either.
devs need to step up their game though.

Agent VX4242d ago


This is really pointing to a disturbing trend for the PS3, canceled titles for a console in last place ain't going to help the negative press it gets.

Definitely not news a suffering PS3 needs right now.

MisfitSmurf4242d ago

i didnt even know they were making a 3rd O.o

BlindMonkey4242d ago

Never played any of the games in the series. Guess this is microsoft's answer to the PS3's line up next year....

Milky Joe4242d ago

I played the first one... it was alright... Somehow I doubt the loss of this game is going to have a huge impact.

And @ Agent VX: Well done, you nearly made that one sound sensible... Seriously, do you actually reckon the fact that this game isn't coming to PS3 is going to have an impact in the SLIGHTEST??? If you do you have some strange views on things.

Anon19744242d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but to be a trend, doesn't it have to occur a few times? The only trend I'm seeing here is half assed 360 games either not being ported to the PS3, or developers porting their half assed game halfheartidly just to make a quick buck off PS3 suckers in addition to 360 suckers. And let's not kid ourselves here, this game is going to be half-assed.

So, are developers canning PS3 ports a trend? Or is the trend shoddy ports on the PS3? The answer to both questions is no. Have a look at metacritic reviews and you'll find the majority of multiconsole games are identicle to nearly identical between the 360 and PS3 versions with a handful being better on the 360, a handful better on the PS3. Certainly this wasn't the case back in 2007, but it certainly seems now that developers have more experience these issues are a thing of the past. 360 fanboys would have you believe otherwise, but just do a comparison for yourself.

thebudgetgamer4242d ago

whatever will i do the ps3 is doomed for sure i think i will just go home and burn it


JoySticksFTW4242d ago

a) Noobs

b) too poor to have someone else port it to PS3


c) paid off by M$

Take your pick

Traveler4242d ago

Don't kid yourself, developers are struggling with the PS3 and there have been several titles that were canceled or never even started on the PS3 simply because the developers didn't feel that it was worth it. Red Alert 3, Velvet Assassin, and this game are all examples of that.

We have heard this from developers over and over. I can't believe that people want to deny it now. People can try to downplay it all they want but it still doesn't change the fact that developers are not having an easy time with the PS3 and the Ps3 is losing games because of it.

Face it, Sony messed up with the design of the PS3. Its architecture is not well suited to actual game development. Obviously it can be done, but it takes a lot more time and effort, and tends to result in inferior multiplatform games and outright cancellations of PS3 multiplatform games.

DeforMAKulizer4242d ago

Ummm... Red Alert 3 is coming to PS3 with 1080p graphics and extra content... Some say it might have Mouse and Keyboard support...
Its a shame to lose games, but i can live without Path of Furon...

thebudgetgamer4242d ago

the ps3 is hard to develop for but i got no time to worry what games are not comming but whaty games are comming and those games i care about


Danja4242d ago

UMM seriously it's not like it's gonna sell ne ways on the 360 ,. this series sucks...I played the last one on my's so boring....

Im sure Sony is just pissing themselves for losing such a Big Game that could have possibly moved millions of PS3 ...

seriously I never even remembered they were making a

littletad4242d ago

Such immature remarks going on around here. But truthfully any ps3 canceled because of "developer difficulties" isn't exactly positive no matter how you want to spin your distaste for the series. Me? I've never even played the first, so I could care less if it's exclusive to either system.

thebudgetgamer4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

but some people act like this will be the death nail for the ps3 when it is not, and i like the series i have both of them on my ps2. what exactly is it you want we dont get dah3 so sony should give up and stop selling consoles?


DiabloRising4242d ago

Yes, this is a trend. The trend is... the Unreal 3 Engine is a crap piece of software that Epic has horded for their own gain. Or has everyone forgotten the lawsuits?

BrianC62344242d ago

"How two years later, this still happens. What was Sony thinking when they made the PS3 so hard to work with?"

The PS3 isn't hard to develop for. It's different. Smart developers are learning how to do it. Dumb developers who are too lazy will probably go out of business. Just look at processors now. Sony was just ahead of everyone else. Things are changing big in the computer industry. THQ is a mediocre game developer anyway.

BrianC62344242d ago

"This is really pointing to a disturbing trend for the PS3, canceled titles for a console in last place ain't going to help the negative press it gets."

What a stupid comment. It's not like good games are getting cancelled. Most people weren't planning to buy this game. It will be a cheap bargain bin 360 game by spring. Stores will be trying to give it away. It just isn't a real next gen game.

cherrypie4242d ago


You're 100% correct. This is a sign of things to come. Sony delivered an awkward, unproductive and expensive development environment. This would be acceptable **IF** they had made the console sales to drive the developers to their captive market.

However, this hasnt happened. Sony's poor sales and very-poor game-attach rates are telling developers: "Your investment on PS3 is at serious risk."

This is the sign of things to come. I've been saying this for months. The Sony fans dont seem to realize that the lackluster sales of GAMES on the PS3 is going to drown it.

You simply cannot have title after title after title flp in the marketplace, then expect developers to keep burning money up on the PS3.

As for the "LOL who cares, Xbox 360 can have it!1!lolzercoaster! PS3 doenst need this game" crowd, we'll they're simply being ridiculous.

Secondly, this is the kind of situation that failed consoles in generations past have encountered. To anyone smart enough to recognize the warning signs, this is an absolute pattern that the PS3 is going to fall victim too.

3rd parties dropping their 'cross platform' titles to be exclusive? Yeah, thats pretty darned significant. A console cannot survive in that situation.

acedoh4242d ago

You are talking nonsense... Give me five examples that third party games are selling less on the PS3 than 360... Ratio wise... Okay give me three. I think all you have to do is look at games like GTAIV, COD4, MGSIV, Guitar Hero, Madden, FIFA, and several others to see how the PS3 sells third party games. So you are making up false information just being a fanboy. Developers are happy with the PS3 and despite being in last place it has down a better job for the third parties than the Wii... The proof is in the pudding. So before you spout incorrect information you should have some facts.

SaberEdge4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

I agree. It is much more significant than many of these people realize. Developers will go where there is more money to be made and gamers will go where there are more games.

The Ps3 is much more difficult to program for and there is no denying that fact. It is well established. John Carmack said that they are working twice as hard just to get equal performance out of the Ps3 as the 360. That isn't a good sign. Some developers have the money and inclination to put out that much time and effort, but many will not. People who blame developers and call them lazy simply have no idea what they are talking about.

No matter how you look at it though, it is always better to have a bigger selection of games than it is to have less.

@ acedoh

Actually, you're wrong. The 360 sells a lot more third party software than either the PS3 or the Wii.

Total 3rd party sales since launch:

XBOX 360 67,929,999 units
Wii 33,394,311 units
PS3 19,976,325 units

The Ps3 has been out two-thirds as long as the 360, but it has sold less than one-third as many third-party games.

acedoh4240d ago

Since the 360 had a year start that's not a fair comparison. I also said ratio wise. For those not familiar with math that means you have to take total sales of a game and divide it by consoles. You use John Carmack as one example. Once again let's use facts and not overstate things. The PS3 has been out for over two years. Developers now have the tools to create games that look the same. I believe any developer that has respect for their product would not allow an inferior version to be released. Using this game as an example is also very poor. If it were Fallout 3 being cancelled that would be another story. Instead we are using an inferior game that isn't likely to get 500k in sales.

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MaximusPrime4242d ago

its not my kind of game anyway.

Im not even bothered.

chanto234242d ago

this game went from 5.5/10 to a 9/10 cause its 360 exclusive now LOL...

Mozilla894242d ago

360 wins! Just kidding, I'm sure this might upset all the Destroy All Human addicts though. Yes all 12 of you. No big deal.

GiantEnemyCrab4242d ago

Nice. DAH has a big following and their games have been everywhere. I enjoyed the last one on the Xbox but can't say I will pick this new one up.

IzKyD13314242d ago

*If this were a PS3 exclusive, this is how his comment would read*

Hah! DAH is played by losers and their games suck. I enjoyed not playing the last one on the Xbox because I was too cool for it

GiantEnemyCrab4242d ago

What are you going on about? I'm not trying to start trouble in the gamer zone so why are you?

Good to know I'm in your head though.. kinda empty in here.

RPG Guy4242d ago

Seriously, big following? What the F are you talking about? Since you're one of the biggest supporters of VGCharz on this site (when 360 sells well), here's some numbers for ya:

DAH: 760,000
DAH2: 380,000

That includes (and yes I remember) main advertisement for the monster PS2 install base.

It's a rental franchise and a mediocrely scored one at that. Games are "everywhere" my ass.

thenickel4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Well he definitely didn't fail in making me laugh. Good one crab lol

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