No Man’s Sky: Revisiting An Old, Broken Promise

Lex: "A million lightyears away, an adventure that pumps an explorer like me would venture into the infinite, vast universe No Man's Sky has to offer. A helmet I put on, a protective suit that prevents suffocating me to death, a starfighter I commandeer to navigate the openness of space."

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Gaming4Life198143d ago (Edited 43d ago )


TheScotsman43d ago

Loved it from the day it dropped on ps4, it's only got better with time although I like the solo experience so only really play alone. multiplayer was never and never will be my motivation to play this game. Was more happy when it wasn't a thing, as now there's idiots all over the place.

Godmars29043d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Don;t you mean "fixed" promise? Revamped?

Gaming4Life198143d ago

I actually destroyed this trash game when it came out and it was well deserved but its actually good now. Developers need to delay games until they are complete instead of releasing unfinished games that need to be updated for years

curtain_swoosh43d ago

as in, broke the blu ray? should have sold it instead mate xD

Rebel_Scum43d ago

Any dev will tell you a game or a piece of software is never complete.

CorndogBurglar43d ago

Maybe. But this game was missing so much of what was promised at launch for so long.

And there's a big difference between games that release like No Man's Sky did, versus something like Ghost of Tsushima or a Halo game. Sure, updates can always be made, but NMS was missing more than half the content it promised.

Rocketisleague42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The outer wilds is exactly what I wanted this game to be. NMS very ambitious, very boring. All of the space exploration weirdness and wonders just don't really exist in nms

Gaming4Life198142d ago

I havent gotten around to playing the outer wilds yet. I actually forgot all about it, i might get on it today.

mastershredder43d ago

Biggest space flight / combat/ exploration let down of the century. Polytron Games and Hello Games = same self-serving hipster bs just a different flavor.

UltimateOwnage42d ago

Are you saying FEZ wasn't good? I don't see how there is anything comparable between the two companies, other than both being small studios with big, ambitious ideas. And to be fair, they did deliver very unique. high quality titles. Their unique design ultimately limited the audience to "love it or hate it", and it seems you might fall into the latter camp. I personally love both games, and feel Hello Games has easily redeemed themselves after all they've continued to pour into improving the experience in NMS.