PS1 Dithering Explained and Detailed

Old school gamers might be familiar with PS1 dithering, and someone has managed to give a detailed breakdown of how it works.

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Sonic-and-Crash46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

i always thought it created the illusion of better detail on objects .....removing it doesnt always result in better visuals .....this is why many ports of PS1 games didnt look that good even on more powerful systems (example: Resident Evil 1 Psx vs PC or dreamcast , Dino Crisis psx vs dreamcast, MGS1 psx vs PC, FF VII PSX vs PC)

JustTheFax45d ago

That's not just "someone", that is Modern Vintage Gamer! Get it right!

Profchaos45d ago

Yeah he's got some really good vids out there I always prefer watching guys like him break down video game history and production techniques over just watching random streamers play fps games

TheRealTedCruz45d ago

I caught this on lunch yesterday. Was an interesting little video.