Top 10 Games With Outrageously Expensive DLCs

DLCs can end up being more expensive than the games themselves but these 10 titles are taking things way too far.

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Pist0ler0873d ago

Why do people expect things that developers work really hard for, for free or close to nothing?

fsfsxii873d ago

Are you shilling for free?

Pist0ler0873d ago

Really, why are DLC supposed to be free?

anast873d ago

It depends, if its recycled and or cut content or crafted as a stand alone. One is more work than the other. And the cost should reflect that.

Rachel_Alucard873d ago

No one argued they should be free. But charging nearly $100 for some costume sets is robbery. Good thing the support died after a year.

anast873d ago

I thought Sims was going to be more expensive. I am surprised about the cost of the "simulator DLCs" and not surprised about Star Citizen.

GoodGuy09873d ago

$90 for an uncensor dlc for gal gun....anybody remember that? Lol.