Death Stranding PC Patch Notes - 1.03 Update provides DLSS Support for Ampere GPUs

From GameWatcher: "Death Stranding's PC 1.03 Update is now live, its patch notes revealing the addition of Nvidia DLSS support in advance of the Ampere GPUs' launch.

DLSS is one of the Ampere GPUs main selling points and Death Stranding's Patch 1.03 makes it possible to use the AI-powered tech to get higher framerates and better-looking visuals once they release."

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hollabox45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I just purchased DS on PC this weekend, Steam sale for $40. I only three hours in but can confirm DLSS is damn good in this game. Unlike other folks claiming it looks better than 4K native it doesn't. It's close, and the text are cleaner along with hair and grass than 4K. Unfortunately I would say about mid screen is where DLSS starts to fall apart producing muddy/mushy looking textures, distance geometry appears missing or culled out. It gives the impression of 1660-1728P with sharp foreground graphics that loses detail as you pan out into the distance. Now in a small room DLSS looks better than 4k, especially with clearer text and micro detail on characters. The moment you go outside it breaks the illusion. Now my OC 2070 can't handle DS in native 4K so I've kept DLSS on 85% of the time with 60 FPS locked. Native 4K my 2070 performed between 40-55 FPS which produced too much jutter for my taste.