Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.04 released, fixes mouse movement, improves CPU performance and more

DSOGaming writes: "Guerrilla Games released a brand new patch that fixes a number of crashes, improves CPU performance, and addresses the game's mouse movement issues."

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Marquinho46d ago

They keep releasing <2Mb Patches. Ughhh...

borntodie00746d ago

2MB of Code is a lot of code...

Asuka46d ago

That's actually quite a bit if it's just straight lines of code. They're not updating texture packets or adding assets to the game so there should be no reason why it would be anything more than a couple MB.

telgou46d ago

"NOOOOO where are my 20Gb patcherinos"

catlover31646d ago

So you want them to waste bandwidth for no reason like some other devs do?

Marquinho46d ago


No. I expect them to FIX the damn game performance. Those patches are only crash fixes.

They keep the same list of "Known issues" since they released the game.

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