Business Trip Survival Tactics for Gamers

Andygoes writes, "If you're anything like me, you like your video games for more than just casual, occasional play; you use them as a distraction. Video games for me are like a bottle of beer or glass of scotch after a long day of work for a lawyer or business person. Games are my release. Traveling limits me on my access to video games (I don't have a laptop yet, or a handheld game machine like DS or PSP), so I have to be a bit more creative. Here's what I've done this time around..."

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bgrundman4239d ago

This article came from a time-tested road warrior.

bgrundman4239d ago

Any other suggestions for good gaming on the road?

MIA4239d ago

Interesting. You might want to wake up early on Friday and get a DS Bundle though, LOL

bgrundman4239d ago

You better bet that the idea is on my mind. I look forward to trampling old ladies!

Jimmy the Greek4239d ago

i hope i never have to battle the masses on black friday

bgrundman4239d ago

I could totally understand that too... nobody like to wake up early!

bgrundman4239d ago

Would anyone consider using a Zune instead of a PSP or Nintendo DS?

pp4239d ago

Yes i would PSP and DS are both sh*t made for LOOSERS.

Bladestar4239d ago

whats the battery power for the PSP and the DS as far as MP3 is concern? heck can you even listen to MP3 songs on the DS?

I have a PSP and DS and I would never use it as a replacement for music... just like I would never use an MP3 players as a replacement for games....

These devices tend to perform poorly for what it's not their primary purpose...

Philip J Fry4239d ago

if gaming is for kids only, what good is this article?