Why PlayStation Plus Needs More Games Like Fall Guys and Rocket League

The massive success of Rocket League, and most recently Fall guys, on PS Plus prove that going big doesn't always mean triple-A.

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jznrpg49d ago

Those types of games that resonate don’t come out every month so yeah

generic-user-name49d ago

Rocket League and Fall Guys are lightning in a bottle. Sony were incredibly fortunate that they had 2 games like this launch as ps+ titles. Of course, being on ps+ helped those games spread quickly too so it's a 2 way street.

Vetalka8349d ago

i agree if there were more games like that i would never even bother with ps+ then

TheEnigma31349d ago

Because you probably don’t have a ps4

Hedstrom49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Well every multiplayer game that benefits from a large pool of players benefits from being a PS+ game!