Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand Update Teaser Trailer Reveals New Details

Left 4 Dead 2 is getting a big community-made update soon with the release of The Last Stand, and thanks to a teaser trailer released this week alongside some more information from the creators, we now know more about what we’ll see in the update when it’s out.

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FlyingFoxy55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I'm not sure why we need a second teaser if this is just a new campaign. It doesn't show anything new over what we saw in the first teaser.

There was talk about a new special being the fire spitter, guess we'll find out soon enough. Still shows Valve have done sod all with this series though

EDIT: Nevermind just saw this in the comments

"But this new campaign is not the only thing to look forward to; we had many other talented individuals in our team!
What did they all work on specifically? That will be seen very soon!

Stay tuned, it’s not much longer till the grand reveal ;)"

Guess we can expect a new special or two, maybe new weapons and other stuff.. At least that's something.

-Foxtrot55d ago

Great to see Bill in this

I love the old survivors, I really hope they make that DLC to L4D2 non canon and they continue with them going North in L4D3

I'm sure Bill's voice actor can be replaced.

Knightofelemia54d ago

Glad to see Bill probably my fave character in L4D I just wish Valve would get off their ass and make a L4D3 that would be day 1 on my list. L4D is probably my fave shooter out there next to Resistance and Bioshock.

FlyingFoxy54d ago

Well they did work on a new L4D but they say Source 2 couldn't handle it being open world, seems it was because the engine was still in progress or not complete. So they stopped working on it.

Sounds very Valve like, so doesn't surprise me all that much.

addictedtochaos54d ago

I’m sure it won’t, but I wish this would come to the Xbox version as well.

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