Nintendo should give us classic Mario games the same way Xbox Game Pass gives us classic games

"Nintendo has made it difficult, if not impossible, to play a lot of its classic games on modern consoles. The Super Mario 3D All-Stars announcement only emphasizes how much of a problem this has become." | Rebecca Spear

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Immagaiden55d ago

Nintendo isn’t going to add N64, GCN & Wii games to NSO anytime soon. We barely even get NES & SNES games added to the service in a timely manner nowadays

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BrainSyphoned55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Interesting article that names two Xbox games and dozens of Nintendo games. The fact still remains—Nintendo makes its own games and is proud of its work. Microsoft on the other hand shoves its few titles into a bargain bin with stuff other people left behind.

Donnie8155d ago

What are u talking about. Xbox’s releases games via backwards compatibility that look and run better. Sometimes even at higher resolution up to 4k and now they are upping FPS and adding hdr. Plus if u own the disk or had it digitally it’s urs at no charge. Nintendo ports an old game with no improvements and charges you a premium. Like Xbox or not you still got to give their bc program props.


You have no idea what this article is about or what you’re saying do you? Smh...

Donnie8153d ago

Well I was just replying to someone else so take it up with them

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Knightofelemia54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

The whole Disney approach that Nintendo is taking about releasing a title for a bit then throw it back into the vault is a bad idea. And all it does is just leads people to hack the console and dump roms onto the console. You make more money flooding that title in the market because people want to relive their memories or open a door to games they never played like me with Sunshine and Galaxy. I'll say this again Mario 64 should have been cleaned up looks wise when announced for this collection its not that hard to do modders have been doing it for years you have had ample time to do that. Nintendo needs to be listening to their fans and what the fans want. The NES and SNES libraries they offer for the Switch online are a joke they had better libraries with both the SNES and NES minis. And adding new titles to both libraries on the Switch only happens once in a very blue moon. I understand their is a license agreement they have to seek out to add the games to the NES and SNES libraries on the Switch. But its like Nintendo is not even trying when it comes to that department and adding new SNES and NES titles. I would love to see the Virtual Console brought back for the Switch I use to play the shit out of it on the Wii. Nintendo also needs to work on the multiplayer aspect for the Switch as well the prison code sucks to add friends, no party chat, not way to message a friend and some games to play online lag like shit that's why I don't play and pay for the Switch online.

Si-Fly54d ago

Somebody might need this if you put some paragraphs in.

parkesy7854d ago

Hardly the same nintendo probably has over 100 games over multiple generations that have scored over 90% that people will still buy today ,i cant think of a single "classic" xbox game that I'd repurchase

LoveSpuds54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Yup, Gamepass forms the main strand of MS's strategy in the games market for one reason only, they have no choice. Outside of their hardcore audience nobody cares about MS as a games company and the few franchises they did have of any note have been driven into the ground.

You simply cannot compare MS's offerings with the Nintendo library. I think its fair to say Nintendo should do more to make their classic library available to gamers, but I see no reason why they should give them away on a service like Gamepass, they simply need to add classic games to Switch in a similar manner to the Virtual Console on Wii.

FinalSpero54d ago

The original Xbox library was stacked...

Applejack54d ago

I loved playing Blinx and JSRF when I had the OG Xbox. Those would be good choices imo.

rainslacker54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Ironically, Nintendo would probably do well with a game pass like service on the Switch, or for mobile, if they put up their older titles on there. They may even surpass MS if they had a streaming service.

Maybe in another 10 years Nintendo will dabble in it, and somehow miss the mark with it like they tend to do when they start dabbling in things.

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