Did Nvidia Steal PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X's Thunder?

IGN: “Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch 2020, our new show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This week we discuss Sony's confusing backward compatibility messaging, Microsoft seemingly openly admitting the existence of an Xbox Series S, and IGN's Executive Tech Editor Bo Moore joins us to help breakdown Nvidia's new graphic cards. Did Nvidia's new price and date announcement steal PS5 and Series X's thunder?”

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potatoseal51d ago

No. Not even close. It just made the PC gaming crowd excited, and they should be. Not a single thunder was stolen.

Jin_Sakai51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

The only thing killing my hype is this stupid game of chicken between Sony and Microsoft! Aside from that I can’t wait to see the PS5 tear down and the UI. Hopefully we get something on September 9th.

morganfell51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

It’s not chicken. It’s billion dollar companies making the most strategic moves during a pandemic where consumers have reduced earnings. It is laughable for a gamer with no insight on the production or projections to attempt to call out a company for playing their cards close to their chest. I am not pointing at you personally as there seems to be a plethora of such remarks.

Would you rather they act recklessly to their own harm and then when they do not purchase that extra developer or make that sequel you can criticize them for that - again without knowledge of their situation. Only a single mistake of one sort or the other is required to put one in the catchup position. Look at the Spring heading into this current generation's launch. Expectations were high for both MS and Sony. How many mistakes did Redmond have to commit to immediately put them on the defensive? Actually only one in the opening salvo.

morganfell51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Addendum: The disagree is not mine and the only entity that benefits from ridiculous articles such as this is the company that authored the article. The ever cancerous press pitting gamers against one another for their own click benefit.

Regarding excitement for the PS5 and any possible lost momentum, let's see how many people are hyping Nvidia's most recent announcement (good for them) when the next PS5 show occurs.

Marquinho51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

For those who already have a gaming PC and were interested on buying a next-gen console, yes.

For the rest, it's way too much money (nearly 2k) to even think about it.

Army_of_Darkness51d ago

A f*#king graphics card would never reduce my hype for a ps5. Gtfo.

outsider162451d ago

Why? What's happening on Sept 9th?

Jin_Sakai51d ago


“Why? What's happening on Sept 9th?“

“PS5 9 September Event Includes Price, Release Date, UI and Unboxing – Rumour”

anubusgold51d ago

Its not just people with a gaming pc a reg pc with a pcie slot you just need a power supply most cpus in prebuilds are decent unless you did something stupid and bought a i3 pc

Unspoken50d ago

If you can't afford a gaming PC or have the time and energy to build one, the consoles are great secondary choices for a plug and play experience, and typically provide excellent value for the hardware provided.

ABizzel150d ago

It absolutely did for those of us who have or had all platforms and needed to make a decision on what they were going to do this holiday, so for me this was a huge shift in my thoughts on what I was going to do. I was originally PS5 Day 1, upgrade my PC the following year or so, and maybe get a Series X or Series S when the price is right.

After seeing what NVIDIA showed, 3 things happened.

1. I gave my current PC to my little brother, sold both my Nintendo Switch, an old gaming case, and 5 random PSUs I had, and bought a brand new build that will end up being around $1,500 once I get my RTX 3080.

2. My PS5 purchase has gone from Day 1 guaranteed, to I still want to get it Day 1 especially if Sony has a special Day 1 edition, but I can wait a year if I need to.

3. I confirmed I'm skipping Series X all together this generation, and might pick up a Series S when I get border and want to impulsively buy something new 2 - 3 years from now.

My entire mindset has changed. PS5 is still going to be my main gaming platform because I love PlayStation Exclusives, and that's where a good portion of my gaming friends will still be for specific multiplats, and PC will be my complete Xbox and to an extent Nintendo replacement.

silenthillstrangler50d ago

But you want it SO BAD right. Lol, shut up and buy.

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LordoftheCritics51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Totally. No one's thunder was stolen. In fact more thunder was added to the already ongoing thunder of the imminent console release. AMD will be joining in soon too.

For pc gamers alone, yes its a huge deal. I'm personally excited as well.

Also we must try to reduce the hype around the new gpus so I can get a card before they run out of stock.

RaidenBlack51d ago

Layman's terms, players on all platform are getting new tech to tackle upcoming games. So its pretty win-win for every fans.
Only Big Navi and Switch Pro are what PC Radeon and Nintendo fans are waiting for. One's sure to come, the other is still rumour.

rainslacker51d ago

They're completely different markets. NVidia's advancements are cool. New consoles are cool. Personally, I wouldn't buy a 1-2K card with limited supply, that will not even be taken full advantage of the hardware for another 3-4 least.

What was the most advanced card at the start of this gen? Where does it lay now with current GPU tech and it's market saturation on PC, and how did that GPU affect the overall sales of the console? What about last gen? People keep ignoring history and act like things are different because something big comes along. But something big is always coming along, and people always get all uppity when NVidia releases a new card.

Reefskye51d ago

@Rainslacker how do you need to buy a 1-2k card? the 3090 isn't the new high card the 3090 is basically the titan the main cards are the 3080 and the 3070, the 3090 has more power because it made for people who actually do 4k video editing etc the 3090 is not a pure gaming card.

Unspoken50d ago

Taken advantage of for 2-3 years? This is a second generation card. It's already being taken advantage and additional driver features are coming to it, 2K and 1K series. Wouldn't the PS5 and Xbox be the tech which are going to not have fully optimized games as the architecture is so new? You might have it backwards, but hey we all have to justify our purchases?

Anywho, nVidia seemed to place nVLink on the 3090 series to not have the lower cards match or exceed the higher end card. So for surreal experiences it will run $3K, but then you have 4K surround, 8K Ultra Wide and maybe even 4K VR. Ok, time to upgrade to a new headset.

agent453250d ago

Agreed but if game developers end up choosing NVIDIA latest GPUs as a base for next generation gaming over AMD that will bring back gaming being made with PC gaming in mind. I strongly believe NVIDIA new GPU was to keep PC gamers stay on PC but more importantly sway game developers to utilize NVIDIA new GPU over AMD.

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fr0sty51d ago

Considering that these cards won't be fully taken advantage of for years (there isn't a big enough install base for developers to set the bar that high, they still have to target mid-range cards, which are roughly equivalent to the consoles), it'll be near the end of this generation before developers really start to make the 30xx series break a sweat.

esemce51d ago

PC gamers also play consoles too you know. Especially Playstation and Nintendo for their exclusives.

potatoseal51d ago

Well those PC gamers have more thunder than anyone lol

Rude-ro51d ago

Those games 🤷🏻‍♀️
Know what the difference is between Xbox and pc? ...... resolution and indies.

The only thing the pc could hope for is Sony games to be released on pc to actually see advancements with better frame rates and max settings.

I built a pc and I am like really? ... crysis... that now runs on the switch?
When was the last time pc actually pushed gaming not only forward... but generationally forward?

Yppupdam51d ago

It's a video card.....a 1500.00 dollar video card. what does a computer part that is most likely a thousand dollars more than the next gen consoles even compare, it is part of a computer, the consoles are a complete gaming solution...for a third of the price.

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RazzerRedux51d ago

Nah....I'm still hyped for Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank, Horizon Forbidden West and others so I'm excited to get PS5.

crazyCoconuts51d ago

I wasn't planning on upgrading my PC for a few years but now I'll do it now and postpone my ps5 purchase for a year. The price performance on that 3080 is awesome. But we're gaming junkies here, your typical console gamer doesn't care about pc graphics cards imo.

TheScotsman51d ago

We don't for sure, we want games with no fussing and that's what console delivers.
I mean don't get me wrong doom at 1000fps must be awesome, but in reality frame perception was tested and found to be 255 fps, why is why the fastest monitors will never go above that as it's not worth it. I makes no difference.

esemce51d ago

More like 130fps at 4K and there is a 360Hz monitor coming out.

morganfell51d ago

“... your typical console gamer doesn't care about pc graphics cards imo.”

No they care about games. They are not one of those people that can’t see the forest for the trees. I grew up on PC gaming, bought a VIC64...on launch day...with my own money. Games are more than a measurement run against some benchmark that isn’t even a game.

RazzerRedux51d ago

Many console gamers care about performance as well. Digital Foundry has made a living providing performance analysis to console gamers.

morganfell51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Digital foundry making a living and console gamers caring are two different things. Getting enough hits on a website or being seen as relevant to be supported by advertisers doesn't make a site essential to gamers. And the only console gamers that care are those worried about the competition and they only care at particular times. That leaves out the vast majority of gamers. Sure everyone wants better performance but it isn't essential to enjoyment for well over the vast majority of consolers.

And as I said elsewhere that Switch equation can't be solved with a graphics card. I grew up PC gaming, have well over 500 titles on Steam alone. But graphics do not make a good game and lack of great graphics do not make a bad game. Its tunnel vision of the first order when that is all people see as a marker for next gen and that is the sole basis for adolescent bragging rights. Higher res higher res higher res. Whatever, go enjoy yourself. Out of everyone only Sony is attempting to alter the formula as to what an evolution in gaming means. And it isn't about resolution alone. It is about interfacing with game worlds, and how we travel to and through those worlds. How we experience them. That isn't resolution or raytracing dependent.

RazzerRedux51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

"And the only console gamers that care are those worried about the competition and they only care at particular times. That leaves out the vast majority of gamers. Sure everyone wants better performance but it isn't essential to enjoyment for well over the vast majority of consolers."

Your average PC gamer is really no different than the average console gamer. Steam Hardware survey shows us that the preferred resolution is 1080p so, on average, it isn't about the tech nearly as much as it is about the games in the PC world. It is the enthusiasts like myself that make a big deal about hardware, but that isn't for its own sake. I want to see the result of my investment in hardware on my 4K monitor with Cyberpunk 2077 this fall with all the maxed settings and RT glory just as much as I want to play Ratchet and Clank as awesome as it looks on PS5. And if some PC gamers like to compare and contrast benchmark results, that is fine too as the hardware itself can be a separate conversation that doesn't detract from games at all. Those that don't care about any of that? "Whatever, go enjoy yourself."

ABizzel150d ago


Internet console gamers are the ones who care. There are around two hundred million console gamers on each platform, but digital Foundry videos usually one reach 1% of that 200 million. The Internet console gamer is the vocal minority.

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King_Noctis51d ago

I'm contemplating doing the same as well. I was planning to buy a PS5, but the GTX 3070 look like a more next-gen hardware to me.

I do still really want Rachet and Clank and Spiderman MM.

crazyCoconuts51d ago

I'll still get a PS5 eventually for the awesome exclusives, and I want to try out all the new things they did with the controller.

RabbitFly51d ago

Imo this is the worst time to ever buy a New gaming pc.

Yes, you can get a super modern graphics card with some amazing peefirmance. But if anything has been shown by this next gen lead up. It is that the pc will need a reorganizing of i/o which is not curecntly handled by the gpu. Even with the advanced New gpus way of circumventing the I/O botrkenecks it is still far from where the consoles, Ps5 in particular, are aiming to be.

I am not saying PCs wont be able to compete, but I say it is likely we will see an unusual big change-up in mb and bridge chipsets in the coming years.

So while that amazingly expensive graphics card is likely to hold up for a while. I think it is likely we will see a big enough shift in these other technologies that People will need to upgrade to stay on the top of peefirmance. Which can also be expensive.

It is of course possible that this wont happen, but we know amd has already invested a lot og RnD into the custom architecture on the Ps5. So I would say it is likely to affect their development on that front going forward.

crazyCoconuts51d ago

If you already have a good gaming pc though, upgrading to this card isn't as major an investment.

Charal51d ago

I share your enthusiasm about expected performances of the 3080, but I am waiting from real benchmarks from multiple sources and not relying only what Nvidia is saying.

I am running on a 1080ti for a couple of years, I hope 3080 will be close to 2x performances improvement, which is the sweet spot for me to trigger GPU upgrade.

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Fishy Fingers51d ago

I dont think so, console gamers are console gamers. However anyone torn between dropping their money on a GPU upgrade or next gen console this year, nvidia has pretty much made their decision for them.

XtraTrstrL51d ago

Yup, especially knowing that most 1st party Xbox games go to PC, and now Sony says they'll bring more 1st party games to PC also.

crazyCoconuts51d ago

I don't think Sony will really bring recent 1st party games over so I'll still want to get a ps5. No need for an Xbox though, that's for sure.

XtraTrstrL51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Yea, that's the only thing that remains to be seen. MS def brings top 1st party games simultaneously now, but that is something I mentioned to a friend that lost hype for PS5 after this news, that we don't know if they'll ever bring top games over to PC as a simultaneous launch. Horizon was over 3.5 years old by the time it came over.

I do feel they'll bring games over sooner than that, but even if it's a few months later, it can be a painfully long wait for a top 1st party you're dying to play. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

THC CELL51d ago

Dreams deserves a pc release! It's amazing

anonymousfan51d ago

I was pretty hyped for getting a PS5 this year... But I am more concerned with shortage than price especially seeing how I am unsure if I'll get a Sony invite to pre order (I bought 4 consoles, 100+ games over the last 8 years plus accessories such as VR but I never play online...). I'd love to a get a new piece of gear to feel like I'm part of next gen if I can't grab a PS5 for the holidays, maybe I'll manage to get a 3070 instead and postpone the PS5 purchase... Although I expect the 30 series cards to be in short supply to.

Edgelordsupreme50d ago

Only 100 games over 8 years? Thats not much.

tontontam051d ago

Me: what??? the next gen consoles are at rtx2080 level? if its below $500 I am going to buy that day one. I was even holding off preordering games for my pc.

Me now: Ratchet and Clack and Spiderman can wait.

agent453250d ago

I seriously doubt it. More like NViDiA GTX 1080.