Big Navi Radeon 6000 Branding Unearthed In AMD Custom Fortnite Map And How To Find It

With Big Navi not so far away, it does not come as a surprise that AMD is trying to garner some attention.

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LordoftheCritics135d ago

Things are going to get spicy. Better be meme worthy.

RaidenBlack135d ago

Their RT solution won't be on par with Nvidia. But I am curious regarding the benchmark performance comparison. And their DLSS equivalent.

RazzerRedux134d ago

AMD needs to announce their lineup soon. Folks are getting ready to preorder Nvidia 3000 cards and AMD is about to miss the boat.

jjb1981133d ago

The first disagree is an AMD fanatic.

lonewolf10133d ago

Very much so, in the market for a 3080 myself, would rather AMD reveal their cards now as otherwise it's the 3080.

nowitzki2004133d ago

It will probably still be the 3080 even after AMD reveal new cards.

lonewolf10133d ago


Who knows, that's why I want them to announce specs/price, I wouldn't discount them they are finally giving Intel a run for their money for the first time in years

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DivineHand125133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Even if the new AMD cards are more powerful than the new Nvidia cards, I would still recommend the Nvidia cards over them. I've had an AMD card for several years and while it does perform well on PC games. In the emulation department, it is severely lacking. I am a user that likes to dabble in almost everything on the PC and what most video card reviewers won't tell you (mainly because many of them don't play or have time to play games or the stigma behind emulation) is that most emulators on PC are designed with Nvidia cards in mind and an NVidia card that is half as powerful may outperform a more powerful AMD card because AMD has dropped support for OpenGL in favor of Vulkan. When it comes to streaming games from your PC to other devices such as your phone or tablet, Nvidia also sees an advantage here where I have yet to find a counterpart for AMD that works just as well. AMD cards are great for PC gaming as well as other more mainstream tasks but if you want to try something outside of the normal or something cool, you are out of luck until AMD addresses these problems.