How Sony Can Save the PS3. GameWorld Networks shares their solution

"Even the most jaded Sony fan has to recognize that the current state of the PS3 is less than ideal... While it is easy to declare the PS3 the early loser, it is both far too early to tell and it is obviously much harder to take a constructive look at what the PS3 needs to do in order to make a dramatic early comeback," says Gameworld Networks.

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UrbanJabroni4871d ago

I know it is tacky to be the first to comment on an article one posts here, so sorry in advance...

The same site and writer also called the ending of E3 six months before it happened, noted that Assassins Creed, VF5, the Koei games and Oblivion were going multi-platform _months_ before announcements, called the six-axis functionality three weeks before E3 came and managed to get Blizzard to change how they handed out in-game rewards for cards...This is still a hugely controversial idea, but his track record is interesting nonetheless. Inside information maybe?

We've seen lots of articles on removing Blu-Ray, but none of them actually laid out _how_ it could be done. It seemed impossible, given all the blu-ray PS3s out there...the idea of ceasing production of BluRay games and letting the existing supply evaporate as they start new releases on the PS3 is interesting. And I DO NOT believe Blu-Ray is necessary. I'd rather have a viable and thriving PS3 community and release the games on multiple DVDs than face poor sales and slipping market share due to high product costs.

Sexius Maximus4870d ago

I'm a big 360 fan, but I do think larger space is always a good thing. (thats a pro PS3 comment everyone) However, there are a lot more things wrong with the PS3 then the Blu-ray. You can MAYBE argue with John Carmacks standpoint, but Valve, come on...Valve's CEO said it best:

“The PS3 is a total disaster on so many levels, I think It’s really clear that Sony lost track of what customers and what developers wanted. I’d say, even at this late date, they should just cancel it and do a “do over”.

A "do over" would be the best way to save the PS3.

VirtualGamer4870d ago

UrbanJabroni bio...

I've been in the gaming industry for 15 years, having started work as a journalist for Atari Explorer Magazine, a game designer and a Q/A tester while still in high school. I have a degree in computer science and an MBA. While my most recent, and current title is as a "Video Game Producer", I am still an active freelance journalist for a top gaming magazine.

I've also contributed to the world of games and pop culture as a game programmer, artist and designer working on everything from handheld and console games to special effects and title sequences for over a dozen major motion pictures. I am a produced comedic playwright and I maintain the site to chronicle hidden features and areas in World of Warcraft.

I also am always hot, and I wear t-shirts in the snow, yet I refuse to wear shorts. I am a walking paradox of science.

The lesson from all of this is to stay in school. And ditch the denim shorts...they do not make you look "cool."

Adam Urbano bio...

Despite a rather varied career, the one constant I've had through the years is gaming. My very first article, an interview for Atari Explorer magazine, was with a developer who only spoke French. This was made even more interesting by the simple fact that I spoke four words of the language, none of which would have been appropriate to say. Before moving on to other publications, I was the proud features editor for all things Atari Jaguar, and to this day I will defend that sad little console and its one good game.

Writing for GWN remains one of the most enjoyable writing experiences of my career, the knowledge and ability of the staff is absolutely top notch. I'm a technology guy with a degree in computer science (and business), a passion for games and writing about them, a love of graphics and web design, a level 60 priest in World of Warcraft and owner of enough self-created and modded technology to power most third world nations. My passion for the video game industry is so strong that for my first job as a game tester I commuted 120 miles each way, every day, including crossing two major Bay Area bridges at rush hour. I should also mention that I play the guitar and ski, which is most likely the only way I snagged my beautiful fiancée, Katie. I have subsequently turned her to our side, and she is now the proud owner of a level 60 warrior in WOW.

I am also the playwright of "Evidence, Alibi and A Fairly Naked Dead Man", and if you are the person that saw it, please call me as I believe you left your hat in the theatre.
_____________________________ ________________________

As far as the article goes I completely disagree with your assesment. The PS3 sold more in 2006 with the Wii and 360 as competition then the 360 sold in 2005 with no competition. IGN predicts the PS3 to surpass the 360 in world wide sales by the end of the year. Sony just needs to keep doing what they have been and get out more games..especially first party exclusives.

Grown Folks Talk4870d ago

while you are technically correct about the early sales, the 360 would have sold a lot more at launch had they been available to purchase. the demand was huge early, but production didn't allow them to capitalize on it. i'm probably 1 of the few that thought they should've staggered the japan launch more, and used those extra units in the states where they would have definitely sold at that time. granted the fact does still remain, sony has done better in the time period.

DJ4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

But you don't think Blu-ray is necessary? Developers for both systems think it is. Sony thinks it is. The adoption of Blu-ray isn't bogging down sales or production of the Playstation 3, so I don't understand what the fuss is all about.

Titles like Lair, Motorstorm, and Resistance could never fit on a dual-layer DVD. It's just not feasible. And these are very early titles. Multiple discs is not the solution because a lot of games cannot be spread across multiple discs, such as Grand Theft Auto. How many people want to talk up to their console and swap discs every 5 minutes? No one.

I know a lot of 360 fans are nervous about the advantages that Blu-ray gives PS3 developers; it's completely understandable. But stop trying to force your dissent onto the rest of us. Yes, the PS3 is widely available. Yes, it's selling better than the 360 did during its launch period. How is that a bad thing?

UrbanJabroni4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

"I know a lot of 360 fans are nervous about the advantages that Blu-ray gives PS3 developers...But stop trying to force your dissent onto the rest of us."

The article, and my comments, were quite pro-PS3. I'm not sure why you are attacking me on this. It merely states a potential solution to increase PS3 sales. I'm not saying sales are currently "bad", I just feel that Sony would be doing "better" at a lower price point. How is that a bad thing?

Again, it is _my opinion_ and _only_ my opinion (as a video game producer) that I agree with this article. I _personally_ completely disagree with you and believe that EVERY game will fit on, at most, one or two DVDs. I'm aware of the code that some developer's inflate to cover more GBs, and it is entirely without merit. Every single next generation property we have in the pipeline WILL fit on DVD and DOES have high-def cutscenes, large areas (one title is currently three times the size of GTA:SA, with interiors to _every_ building as well as substantial outdoor detail) in addition to more high-poly count assets than we have ever even dreamed of on previous releases.

Again, this is _solely_ my opinion (and that of the authors), but Sony is absolutely forcing BluRay solely to inflate their studio division.

I am not "trying to force your dissent onto the rest of us", I am just sharing my opinion and knowledge. If you disagree, fine, but don't attack me.

I'm critical of the PS3 because I feel Sony has made some very poor choices. I want them to rectify these choices and for the console to succeed. I am however, rather tired of layman "guessing" the requirements for next-generation development without sufficient information.

Again, JUST MY OPINION, and it certainly wasn't pro-360 as you seem to imply.

TheMART4871d ago

You'll learn

DJ = always twisting facts and opinions

DJ = lying

That's just DJ I guess we need to learn to live with him.

And yep I bet they cut BluRay. Most games indeed fit on a DL-DVD. At highest two. Which isn't a problem at all. I remember my MSX-2 with diskettes. For Solid Snake Metal Gear II if I'm right needed about 7 diskettes. That was swapping there, with 2 diskdrives ;-)

But still playable. Two DL-DVD's for only a small percentage of the games (remember, again, last gen XBOX there were only 1% of all games on DL-DVD needed, the rest was SL-DVD. Launch games were 1 to 2 GB. At the end of the life cycle of the XBOX games were 3 to 4 GB. Max. 50% growth. So this gen it'll probably go from a SL-DVD with 50% growth to a DL-DVD full at the end of the life cycle. Maybe two) is not something you would have to pay 200 dollars/euro's extra for to avoid with a BluRay push format only to please Sony.

Sony cut the BR drive and get back in competition

DJ4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

but so is the logic behind it. Going from 2GB to 4GB is a 100% gain, not a 50% gain.

The average PS1 title was 200~300MB.
The average PS2 title was 3~4GB.

That's a 10x increase in data size. The PS3 gives PS2/Xbox devs a 10x increase in storage capacity in order to give them more freedom. Could we live with DVD only? Sure. Hell, we could probably even survive on Floppy Discs and Cartridges. I think you misunderstood what I was saying. The 360 is going to survive with DVD; Blu-ray just gives PS3 devs more of an advantage. It doesn't do anything negative to 360 games per se since they're designed with that storage limitation in mind.

NewZealander4871d ago

slower speeds etc? dvd format is fine, yeah so some games may be multi disc, but i dont think we will see many, and who cares if we do? i would rather that then have a disc that loads slow, look at how ps3 devs are handleing that! putting data on multiple times and backing data up to the hard drive just to make it run faster!

xbox360migs4871d ago

I'm not nervous that we don't have blu-ray on the 360, i have never given it a second thought! I don't see a problem with using more discs and to be honest i'm having loads of fun with games on one disc at the moment and I'm sure others will agree!

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gogators4871d ago

and I don't think added storage space warrents the expense. Whether the PS3 has sold better or not verses the release time frame of the 360, it's still playing catch-up. In my opion the PS3 is not at a favorable price point to keep market dominence. I have both systems, the PS3 make for a wonderful DVD/Blue-Ray player, but not a great gaming system. Gears was really good and good looking game, and it came all on one DVD-9 disc.

techie4870d ago

and was about 8 hours long...

calderra4870d ago

And Oblivion is... hundreds of hours? Oh, snap!
Just because shooters tend to be shorter doesn't comment at all on 360.
Blue Dragon's launching soon, one disc, huge gameplay. Etc.

Raist4870d ago

Blue Dragon takes 3 DVD's lol.

UrbanJabroni4871d ago

"The 360 is going to survive with DVD; Blu-ray just gives PS3 devs more of an advantage. "

Again, I disagree. In our case, the increased speed of the DVD is actually a preference. I won't bother restating my opinion regarding the uselessness of the increased space on a BR disk. There is a much more important point in regards to the market's economics, however.

I think everyone needs to understand that at this point, NO 3rd party studios can release an exclusive game. None. Both ways. Run the numbers. No company can afford to leave potential customers on the table during this cycle. You know Game A that you feel is totally exclusive to the 360 or PS3? It isn't going to be. It _will_ be released on multiplatforms. Everyone in the industry has commented on this, it is time everyone else accepts this. Get over it. Our next-gen costs are insane compared to last generation. In many cases, we are looking at a million sales to break even. That nightmare keeps publishers awake at night. Having a game available to as large an audience as possible is vital to a title's success. The situation is pretty scary.

What does this mean for BluRay? It means that pretty much every title is going to need to work on BOTH machines. It means that virtually every title is going to have to fit on a DVD to work on a 360. It means that virtually no studio on the planet is going to spend _extra_ money above their absurd baseline costs to create more assets for a BR version to fill (unnecessary) space. Especially when many would, for better or worse, prefer to release extra content as a pay-to-play download.

Way back before the release of the PS3 many on this site who were pro-PS3 shared their "concern" that games would be "dumbed down" for the PS3 below their potential in order to work on the "inferior" 360. Guess what? It happened. Whether you feel BluRay is an important tool or not, the simple fact remains that we will never know. The 360's sales lead means that the defacto size for ALL 3rd party titles will be DVD, not BR, whether one likes it or not.

Blu-Print4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

And that's why you buy a console for its exclusives and first-party games which will only focus on one console and takes advantage of the hardware. I have no clue whether blu-ray is necessary, but I'm left thinking that more space is not bad. We should give it a year and a half so that we can see if any first-party games have taken advantage of it.

MikeGdaGod4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

In a few years from now, a leader will emerge. That winner will have the say on what the industry standard size will be for third party games. If ps3 is the leader, bluray will be the standard. If 360 is the leader, dvd will be the standard. Even Bill Gates said there was a chance a future MS console could have a bluray drive. Just because the 360 has an early lead doesn't mean its all over. I bought my ps3 with bluray in mind. I see it as an advantage and don't think takin it out will do much. It might help a little but price drops are coming, if you can't afford it now just wait till next year

kingboy4871d ago

Sony isn`t targeting only the gaming community to purchase her consoles.This is where blu ray plays another role attracting the average movie fanatic wanting to buy a cheap HD player.And for gaming ,it`s only an advantage in the long run given the fact that these games would be demanding higher space in the near futur

UrbanJabroni4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

But I largely agree with your first point. It is a "cheap" HD player, and it was largely the reason I got my PS3. I prefer the unified machine to the 360's approach. The problem is, I don't know if people who purchase the machine as an HD player are the demographics that purchase a substantial portion of hardcore games.

The reason I want a _version_ of the PS3 with BR cut from the machine is the fragmented market between HD and BR, combined with the fact that I really don't expect either player to be the more of a niche purchase for fools like myself. I consider it the next laserdisc, and most nuts such as myself consider it the superior format for video, but it was a toy for movie buffs, not the mainstream. I'd like to have as many people as possible buy the machine, and I'm concerned about letting movies be the deciding factor.

Microsoft's IPTV is scary. If it works, Microsoft will put the 360 into millions of homes as an alternative to cable boxes without customers having to buy a alternative with hundreds of channels, and a limitless library of STREAMING HD movies with no delay. The demo at CES really felt like it was an unstoppable concept that would destroy HD disks.

If this happens, Sony will either have to follow suit, which will be hard with MS's lock on the telcos, or go back to focusing on pushing gaming. Sure, the unified BR 1080p HDMI experience is awesome for those of us stupid enough to buy the right tv, but it is also a very, very precarious notion to hang Sony's hat on. Sony has a ton of areas that could potentially give it an advantage instead of "space" if they really spent time on it...psp connectivity is cool for those of us with PSPs, free online, no matter how it stacks to Live is still very nice,the six-axis and eyetoy are one killer app away from being amazing.

Does anyone here honestly doubt a $300 PS3 without BluRay wouldn't be a serious, serious threat? As an aside, my posts are getting absurdly long. If you'd like to see me return to shorter posts, please click "let user speak." ;)