Should I Give Breath Of The Wild Another Shot?

Cultured Vultures: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been lauded as one of the best games of this generation. Ash needs some help seeing why.

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LordoftheCritics47d ago

Should you give the game of the generation another shot? Get playing already.

-Foxtrot47d ago

Game of the

Imalwaysright47d ago

Tell us what is your game of the generation so that the rest of us can pretend that we are superior know-it-all morons and laugh at your choice.

SCW198246d ago

You spelled Bloodborne wrong.

isarai47d ago

I mean if you didn't like it, you just didn't like it. There's plenty of popular games i didn't find fun, not gonna force myself through them just cause everyone says i should.

rainslacker46d ago

Could be that someone may like it after giving it another chance. Sometimes one mood may turn them off a game initially. Just play it for a couple hours and maybe theyll come to enjoy it.

But if they just couldn't get into it, its different from hating it when you first played it.

Neonridr47d ago

Not everyone likes it, that's cool. But to try to be with a certain crowd and say the game sucks is flat out ridiculous. Sure it's not without faults, nobody said it was perfect. The world is a little "too" big at times, so certain areas can feel empty (I appreciate the open-world nature of it, very Zelda 1 like). The weapons can't be repaired, so some of the nicer ones you get as rewards tend to never get used for fear of breaking them permanently. Give us a blacksmith so we can repair those weapons perhaps. And moving away from the traditional dungeons made it feel a little off. Don't get me wrong the giant machines were cool and all, but only having 4 of them made it feel rather short in that regard. Aside from that, there was so much to like about the game. Make some minor adjustments and give us a darker tone for the sequel and I think it will do even better than the first one.

anonymousfan46d ago

I like the idea of a blacksmith... Something along the lines of what minecraft does where it's costing you a lot of resources so you only bother with very valuable / enchanted items.

Now that I think of it though I am kinda hoping the next elder scrolls game has some kind of wearing down (not exactly like BotW though!!) of the weapons it forces you to try different things, manage ressources etc... Maybe it's just me though!

jznrpg46d ago

Really good game yeah but it has some things that bothered me . But it can be a much better game with some fixes. Besides what you mentioned I’d like upgraded combat system. A little more variety

anonymousfan46d ago

I played a couple hours and stopped... Did that twice and on the third time I got hooked. I feel like it can be overwhelming at first. It does not give you that many clues... But once you get over that I think thats part of the genius of that game's design. Im finally hooked now about 40 hours in and I think the game has an unparalleled feeling of exploration and discovery.

To be fair many of my favorite games I didnt get hook until my second attempt... Mass Effect 2 for example it's only about 10 hours in that I started loving its story and characters.


This. I didn’t like BOTW at first as everything seemed vague in the beginning. The brilliance of the game becomes apparent at the 30-40 hour mark when you organically master systems that initially confused you.

The game still has flaws though, chief among them is that the world is too big.

Fraggle198746d ago

I really liked BOTW but theres no doubt it was overated by critics. Like most Zelda's tbh.

Tiqila46d ago

I don't think so Mr. Zadir

TravsVoid46d ago

I think it's one of the best games I've played this gen but the story is pretty weak.

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