Engadget's Hot Zune Rumor Dismissed

A recent article from has many Zune owners concerned about thermal expansion of the battery causing the Zune screen to crack. Although no photos were provided by Engadget, the article suggests this happens when the Zune is left charging overnight. To shed a little light on the subject Zune Scene has taken a photo of the Zune guts from the side. The battery is clearly thinner than the hard drive.

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Boink5713d ago

for a moment I though MS was using sony's batteries:)

Syko5713d ago

(Shakes fist in the air)You stole my thunder. Oh well
Sony is the mystic Firestarter, The twisted Firestarter - Prodigy

calderra5713d ago

What, a massive rumor about a defect in Microsoft's products was BS? Naw...

Reminds me of the 360 launch- I worked at Gamestop the day after launch, and there were literally people there at the door the day after launch demanding to know about the "recall" Microsoft had issued because of the "massive" reports of 360s just around 8 hours after the midnight launch.

We still had people telling us about the "recall" months later, in fact. I think there are still quite a few customers who still think there was one. Where they got it from? Nobody knows...