PlayStation Plus and Indie Games: A Match Made in Heaven?

PlayStation Plus has played a crucial role in ensuring the popularity of some of the indie games we enjoy today. This article examines two games whose success stories are intertwined with PlayStation Plus.

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UltraNova46d ago

If we look at two cases and how PS Plus helped games like Rocket League and Fall Guys then yes it's safe to say indies and PS+ is a match in heaven.

FallenAngel198446d ago

That’s not necessarily always true. Sure it had success stories Rocket League and Fall Guys but there was also multiplayer indie games that failed to garner a huge audience like Drawn to Death

SamPao45d ago

for sure not every game is going to have success just because its on ps+
There is more to it, but I do think ps+ COULD give the game a huge amount of players instantly which it wouldnt have otherwise.
If I ever release an indie game I would love to have it on ps+

isarai46d ago

I would be more onboard if we were still getting 6 games per month, but with just two, i kinda want them to go for big games cause there's a lot of bad indie games these days. I love indie games, but indie scene is full of garbage now, too much to sift through to find the gems these days.

BrainSyphoned45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Grow Home and Xenodrifter were my favorites this gen. Or they were the only two indie titles I played on PS+ all gen and therefore cant remember any others.......

ShinnokDrako45d ago

Unless the game was something to forget. If the game was a success it was because it had all the elements in the right position. Other games were horrible, even if "made famous" thanks to PS+. And so they failed.
PS+ was the Trojan Horse, sure it helped (or at least tried to help).