Amiibo Are Way Cooler Than You Thought

Super Co-Op Bros James Ferguson discusses Nintendo's alluring, and sometimes controversial, NFC-Based DLC figurines, Amiibo.

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Thatgrammar45d ago

I don’t know about that. They’re about as cool as I thought. No more, no less.

anonymousfan45d ago

Yup, still pretty cool though especially the ones in BotW. You get so many cool perks my favorite being the wolf companion.

Father__Merrin45d ago

They are actually good quality figurines but not suitable if your over 10 years old

Stopac45d ago

The hell are you talking about?

I got a buddy that has a massive amiibo collection he amassed with his wife and it's impressive as hell! Do you know what site this is? Are you lost do you need help?

GlutenMifflin45d ago

Lol. I’m over 40 and I love collecting amiibo’s

CptDville45d ago

Agreed. Just like gaming, it's all for kids except Candy Crush that is made for elders.
(Hope you get the irony)

ZeroBlue245d ago

No, I don't think they are.

BrainSyphoned45d ago

My Japanese Monster Hunter Amibo are great. The rest are in a pile.

GlutenMifflin45d ago

The Mario line is incredible. Literally holding something from our digital childhood.

spicelicka45d ago

Lol when companies sell you basic plastic kids toys and just call them "amiibo", brilliant marketing aimed at nerds. Great for people that genuinely like them but I don't feel cool keeping a Kirby on my shelf.

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