Super Mario Galaxy Doesn't Require Motion Controls On Nintendo Switch

Mario Galaxy won't require motion controls.

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Yi-Long46d ago

Good, always seemed like an amazing game, but when I played it on my GF's Wii I just didn't care much for the controls, so never got far into it.

bouzebbal45d ago

Sucks, switch getting inferior version at full price.. What else could the pigeons dream of?

catlover31646d ago

Good, I hated almost any game that forced me to use them. I can’t wait until Metroid 3 comes to switch as well!

Ratchet7545d ago

Actually metroid 3 on Wii was amazing and I do not particularly like motion controls but Nintendo made it work somehow.

catlover31645d ago

I really couldn’t stand it, I’m sure I’m not the only one. Motion controls, gyroscope aiming and the like need to be optional.

execution1746d ago

Nice, skipped it because my old wii basically turned j to a virtual console because I wasn't feeling the motion controls back then

whitbyfox46d ago (Edited 45d ago )

The writer of this article is a misleading master.

You do need motion controls for docked and table top mode. If you play in handheld mode then you can use the touchscreen, which will be worse.

A lot of commenters here seem unable to multitask too.

Inverno45d ago

The in game cursor was moving around in the trailer too. Like if it were using motion of the joycon smh

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