Nintendo seems to have sped up Super Mario 3D World on Switch and more

Super Mario 3D World will finally be joining the Switch lineup early next year, but it’s more than just a port. Nintendo has already indicated that there will be brand new content with Bowser’s Fury and online play will be supported, but GameXplain has picked up on other changes/additions as well.

These include:

– Faster on Switch vs. Wii U (possibly around 20-30%)
– There may be an adjusted camera on Switch
– Odyssey-style mid-air dive
– More impactful roll

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FlyingFoxy286d ago

Wonder if they got the idea from Mario Kart like when they added in 200cc, i always felt 150cc wasn't bad, but certainly didn't have a really fast sense of speed at least once you were used to it.

Or maybe that's got nothing to do with it and they just felt the game should be a bit faster anyway