11 Best Short Games That Are Perfect For The Busy Gamer

Sometimes you just don’t want to plow through a long game.

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ifrit_caress83d ago

Not a bad list. I would also include Rain.

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Nacho_Z83d ago

Personally I prefer a good size game that can be played in small chunks to a really short game that you can get through in no time. I don't have a lot of free time for gaming but I'm enjoying chipping away at Assassins Creed Odyssey more than I am playing Gris which I believe is only a few hours long.

Godmars29083d ago

Just get rid of overly long and dramatic cuscenes. Reintegrate learning about plot into game play.

philm8783d ago

I agree to a certain extent Nacho. I don't want to just play short games because I don't have much times, I just want my time to be really enjoyable when I play it. Massively enjoyed going through the Last of Us 2 over a month and a half. I just can't stand anything that makes you grind now, apart from No Man's Sky maybe. but that's not really got a proper grind to get resources. Play that sometimes as it's a good game to chillout with. Tried Sea of Thieves on PC gamepass, but that bored the life out of me.

Nacho_Z82d ago

I enjoyed NMS most in the mode where you don't have to worry about resource management, can't recall the name. It was relaxing being able to freely explore and commandeer any spaceship I liked the look of.